⚖ 153 grams to become a serene mother

⚖ 153 grams to become a serene mother

I take you into the future, the time of this article.

A near future, since I’m taking you to Monday, May 2, 2022.

(in just over two weeks, that’s it)

become a serene mother

On Monday, something changed.

It’s 1:30 p.m.
It’s time.

You sit comfortably at your desk, at your living room table, or in a café.

You are alone and calm. Your loved ones took over, or you isolated yourself from work for 20 minutes.

You serve yourself a steaming cup of coffee (or infusion).
You prepare your favorite pen.
The world and its infernal whirlwind stop for 20 minutes.
The incessant flow of your thoughts also stops.

This is your time.

You open your notebook.
The one you have chosen, especially for this moment.

And you start writing.

The previous week, you exploded again with your child, your spouse did not help you to manage the crisis, you still felt overwhelmed by all this pressure which took you by the throat.

But everything is fine now.
You are on the right track. You can gain confidence.

During these 20 minutes that you finally allow yourself, you are neither judgmental nor guilty.
You are objective.

This Monday, between 1:30 p.m. and 1:50 p.m., you decide.
So you choose to do an exercise on your triggers.
Or an exercise on the causes of your guilt.

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You let yourself be guided by the questions.

Writing empties what clutters your brain and heart, it’s simple and fluid.

The exercise is destabilizing at times…because the writing plunges you into your interiority.
In some corners it is easier to leave in the shade.

You’re finally being honest with yourself…and you’re putting a lot of sweetness into it.

The cup is almost empty.

The 20 minutes passed quickly…

You can resume your life at 100km/h.

But something has changed.

You have regained a confidence and an energy lost for too long.

You have begun to understand your triggers, to understand the origin of your explosive reaction.
You didn’t judge yourself, you just calmly answered the questions.
You have granted yourself a moment just for you, to take care of your “mental” health, your emotions.

You feel you are on the right track.
And it does crazy good.

Maybe you will explode again this week… because something at work will disturb you?

But now you have your lifeline:

Your little notebook and your cup of steaming coffee/infusion.

become a serene motherbecome a serene mother

Sometimes the change is just 153 grams.
The weight of a small notebook.


Does it seem impossible to take 20 minutes for you today?

I understand you.
I thought that for a long time, too.

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If you intend to become this serene mom…
This mom who knows how to take the necessary step back, who understands her reactions, who said STOP to guilt…

So you’re going to find those 20 minutes.
Trust yourself. You have the resources within you.

You will dare to ask those around you to take over.
You will dare to call a nanny.
You will dare to isolate yourself at work for 20 minutes.
You will succeed in cutting out “distractions” (social networks, Netflix, etc.) to choose you.

Because if you can’t give yourself – even 20 minutes a week – then things are going to get worse.

Whether or not you join the program “Imperfect… and proud of it”…
You have the right, and even the duty to take this moment.

It is vital today.

If you can’t make the decision to do it for yourself… (I know it’s hard)
So do it for your kids too.


If your decision is made,
If you know you can’t stay like this anymore,

So take action now:

Buy or find a notebook, right away.
And give yourself those 20 minutes of lifeline a week

If you know how to go about filling it, we wish you a lot of happiness and peace of mind in this process.
You’ll see, it’s worth it!

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If you need help, then I’m here for you.
I was such a helpless mother…
that I wish I could pass this on to all the mothers who feel exhausted, on the edge of the abyss.

You can start these “moments for you”, guided and accompanied step by step, tomorrow. Or even today.

In the program, we have prepared a Tracking Book for you.

You will find :

  • all the guided exercises of the program
  • a space to write down your reactions to the videos of the program

You can download the “Carnet de Suivi” within 5 minutes of registering.

You just have to let yourself be guided to fill in your own notebook.

To give you a better idea, click here to download the Module 1 Progress Book

⚖ 153 grams to become a serene mother⚖ 153 grams to become a serene mother
The program is guaranteed “Satisfied or 100% refunded” for 14 days. So you take no risk to register, to follow module 1 and module 2, and decide if it’s right for you or not.
⚖ 153 grams to become a serene mother⚖ 153 grams to become a serene mother

Reminder: You only have 2 days left to take advantage of our “Spring and Renewal Special” offer (50% off until Sunday April 17)!

Click here to register

The program lasts 5 weeks in total.
The optimal time to devote to the program is 1 hour per week (i.e. 10 minutes per day!).
But you can start by finding 20 minutes a week, on Mondays for example… so as not to rush you.

Take care of yourself,


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