10 breakfast habits that make you gain weight

10 hábitos en el desayuno que te hacen subir de peso

Breakfast is important to acquire the nutrients and fuel that your body (including your brain needs to start your day with the right foot and energy if you do it right the benefits can last all day. But if you have bad habits, you would be getting negative effects, including gain weight. We tell you 10 things to avoid:

You have breakfast while you watch the news

Sitting in front of the TV leads to mindless eating, which generates Eat excessively. Turn off the television and sit at the table for a few moments and take a quiet moment to start your day.

You eat too fast

In the morning rush, you try to speed up your breakfast, but eating fast is associated with being overweight. Your brain doesn’t indicate it’s full until about 15-20 minutes later having started to eat. If you eat your food in 10 minutes or less, you could end up eating a lot more than you need.

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Breakfast rich in sodium and fat

A great breakfast with bacon, sausage and french fries It is not the best option. Excess fat and sodium alone It will inflame you and you will feel lethargic throughout the day. Your body takes a lot of work to digest those calories and it will be sleepy, bloated, and unproductive.

You consume products that appear healthy10 breakfast habits that make you gain weight

The big wave may be your favorite, but although it may seem healthy, most you find in the supermarket have a huge amount of added sugar. Go for one with no added sugar, this includes agave and coconut sugar.

Can prepare your granola at home the easy way, great flavor and no added sugar.

You eat bread with jam

Highly processed or refined white bread, sweet bread, cakes, and cookies are among the unhealthy sources of carbohydrates. They contain too much-added sugar, refined flour, fats unhealthy and even high levels of sodium (including some whole grains). The amount of nutrients and fiber they offer is minimal.

Eating a breakfast high in refined carbohydrates can raise your blood sugar and make you hungrier. They favor your weight gain and promote diabetes and heart disease.

Choose bread where whole wheat is listed as the first ingredient.

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You only eat one piece of fruit

The fruit is healthy, has vitamins, minerals and is rich in antioxidants, but what about the protein? Besides being a necessary nutrient, stimulates metabolism and maintains a feeling of fullness. It helps you take care of your weight and even lose it if you eat a proper diet.

Healthy proteins, slow-digesting carbohydrates, fruits or vegetables make the best morning mix.

You avoid fats

Avoiding unhealthy fats is fine, but unsaturated fats like avocado and peanuts help you satiate your appetite and avoid cravings. Offer energy and multiple health benefits, Its good fats favor your heart and provide antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Smoothie in bowl

Like drinks, It can be a satisfying and healthy breakfast if you arm it with the necessary elements and in a balanced quantity.

If you go overboard on the toppings with high caloric content, You could be sabotaging yourself

Here we tell you what are the 4 elements that a nutritious and satisfying shake should have.

You consume sweetened yoghurt

A yogurt is a healthy option, as long as it is not sweetened.

The one that is touted as low-fat, may be low in fat, but high in added sugar to improve its flavour. One cup (245 grams) of low-fat yoghurt can contain up to 47 grams of sugar, which is 12 teaspoons.

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Add natural sweetness and flavour to yoghurt with fruit and nuts.

You go overboard with fiber

The fiber has beneficial effects, helps reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, diverticular disease, and constipation. But going overboard with fibre in the morning can make you feel bloated and gassy in the middle of the morning. Experts recommend increasing your fibre intake gradually and not suddenly, and since fiber absorbs water, if you consume more fiber you should drink more water to avoid constipation.

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