10 curious facts about tacos that every Mexican should know

10 datos curiosos de los tacos que todo mexicano debe saber

He Taco is he most popular Mexican snack. Its base is an omelette, which is usually folded or rolled corn with a filling. The variety of tacos is extensive according to their preparation and the different ingredients, with all you can imagine: vegetables, poultry, red meat, fish, worms

Some good tacos are served accompanied by your salad that can take up radishes, nopalitos and chives, lemon (depending on the type of taco), and if there is something that not to be missed is the sauce. It doesn’t matter if they are tacos with carnitas, suadero, pastor, birria, head or stew; Chili is always present in Mexican snacks.

Before your mouth keeps watering, let’s go with the 10 curiosities of the taco:

They exist since pre-Hispanic times

Tacos are believed to have existed in Mexico since pre-Hispanic times. After long hours of work, they needed to have a food that nourishes and gives them strength, but that in turn was easy to carry to your workplaceThis is how the food was rolled up in corn tortillas and the taco was born.

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Carnitas tacos did not exist

The “tacos de carnitas” did not exist before the arrival of the Spanish in Mexico, since there were no pigs on Aztec land.

In Bernal Díaz del Castillo’s stories, a banquet with the emperor Moctezuma is indicated, where tortillas were offered that were filled with fish, snails, escamoles (ant roe) nopales, among other stews.

They were discriminated

Currently the taste for tacos does not distinguish from social classes and it is found even in the most recognized restaurants in Mexico, such as Pujol. But at the time of Porfiriato (1976-1911) the tacos were considered as food for the poor; the upper classes consumed bread, as was the case in Europe.

There are more than 20 thousand different taco recipes

It is estimated that there are currently just over 20 thousand different taco recipes. The best known are the basket ones, Suadero, pleasures (avocado with pork rinds), drowned, governor (shrimp with cheese), from carnitas, golden chicken or potato, mixiote, cochinita pibilto Coal and of course the famous tacos al pastor.

Basket tacos emerged in the mines

Basket taco fair in San Vicente Xiloxochitla (Tlaxcala, Mexico). Photo: YLinaresB / Creative Commons

Basket tacos have their origin in the mining regions of Hidalgo and Guanajuato and were known as mining tacos. They are stew tacos that vendors keep and transport in a basket, covered in paper, plastic and cloth that makes them sweat and keeps them warm.

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Onion garden

The salad you put on your pastor tacos with onion, coriander with pineapple and dipped in sauce is also called an onion “garden”.

Tacos from the 19th century

The taquerías started as street vendors from the end of the 19th century. Currently there are established taquerias such as restaurants, street stalls and also vendors that circulate in carts and bicycles, Like Lady Tacos!

The oldest taqueria

Tacos Beatriz It is one of the first establishments that officially became a taqueria in 1910, founded by Beatriz Muciño Reyes. The taqueria was recognized by Don Porfirio Díaz and frequented by the revolutionary Emiliano Zapatawhich is also said he asked for tacos for his horse. The taqueria is located in the Plaza de la Constitución in the first square of Mexico City.

Tacos into space

Astronaut John Glenn included tortillas on the menu of his space shuttle Discovery in 1998.

Cochinita tacos from Yucatan

Cochinita pibil tacos were born in Yucatan. It is said to have been first site within our continent where it came to try the pork. “Gp“Or” Pibil “is a word Maya, means “buried” or “cooked under the ground”, a method of cooking meat.

Now run for your tacos, pork, solid, chamorro, chicharrón, cueritos, head, guts, brains, barbecue, fish or vegetables, whatever you like the most!

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