10 essential books on management

10 essential books on management

Management books bring together theoretical guides that provide technical education. Certain personal development books are considered to be complementary: management, beyond the method, indeed involves developing good managerial qualities. Among management books, reference manuals, timeless, rub shoulders with the latest releases on emerging trends. Management is in fact nourished by the evolving societal context, hence the interest in always keeping up to date. At the discretion of a reading, the manager can in particular discover a new management trend to apply in his company, to give a new direction to an aging management. From the junior in search of learning and improvement, to the experienced manager who wishes to develop his skills: reading is beneficial, reading adds a useful theoretical component to practice. Focus on 10 essential books on management.

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The benevolent management, Philippe Rodet and Yves Desjacques

This management book highlights the direct relationship between well-being at work and company performance. The postulate of the author, doctor of medicine: management, when it is benevolent, increases the motivation of employees. And the impact on the company’s results is strong. A book that allows the manager to refocus on people.

Benevolent management, for whom?

  • The book combines technique and practice: diagrams to explain, advice to apply. Reading is fluid.
  • Junior or senior manager: the book is suitable for all profiles.
  • The book is particularly topical in a business context where stress at work is identified as a massive problem.
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Dream Team, Ludovic Girodon

“Revolutionize the way you manage. »Through the testimonies of more than 400 managers, the author lays the foundations for effective management. From recruiting to retaining talent, all aspects of the job are covered. A playful book, which focuses on the concrete to capture the reader’s attention.

Dream Team, for whom?

  • This practical book is illustrated with playful examples and scenarios, to facilitate the reading of its 300 pages.
  • The junior manager learns in this book the basics of management.
  • In its latest edition, the book deals with remote management, useful in a company that uses teleworking.

Manager with Toltec principles, Laurence Aubourg and Olivier Lecointre

Speaking impeccably, not making it a personal matter, not making assumptions, always doing your best: the Toltec agreements are precepts of ancestral life. In a changing, fast-paced societal context, the authors apply these unchanging principles to the business world. The objective: to allow the manager to maintain stability in the team, and to stimulate collective intelligence.

Manager with Toltec principles, for whom?

  • This book, which looks like a personal development work, makes theory predominate, and is intended particularly for the seasoned reader.
  • Whatever the level of experience, the manager learns from the book.
  • Well-being at work, digital interference or even an economic crisis: the Toltec agreements are useful in dealing with any issues raised by the current societal context.

The art of motivating, Michaël Aguilar

As the name suggests, the book deals with effective techniques for motivating a team. The author helps to understand the levers of motivation in business, and gives advice to apply the art of motivation. The use of the right language, at the right time and to the right interlocutor is central.

The art of motivating, for whom?

  • A simple and fluid writing style for this book which teaches theory, illustrating it with practical examples and scenarios.
  • Beginner or experienced, the manager finds ways to improve his method and improve performance.
  • Motivation is a central issue for generations X and Y. The book makes it possible to become aware of it, to allow the manager to adapt.

Reinventing organizations, Frederic Laloux

In its illustrated version, the manual opens up new perspectives for the manager. The author reviews the different organizational models that have inspired the different types of management, and highlights their respective limits and benefits. The opportunity for the manager to imagine a new way of working, to positively change the company.

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Reinventing organizations, for whom?

  • The latest edition of this technical book is a synthesized and illustrated version. Shorter, the book is easy for the reader to navigate.
  • For managers but also business leaders, this manual allows all profiles to find inspiration for a more efficient business model.
  • In a world where change reigns, the book provides the keys for productive thinking.

The MEGA toolbox of the leader manager, Pascale Bélorgey and Nathalie Van Laethem

Practical sheets, fun tools: this manager’s guide makes it easy and quick to learn the methods of innovative management.

The MEGA leader manager’s toolkit, for whom?

  • Practical content and attractive visuals: this book reads like a small teaching manual.
  • The junior manager reads the book and refers to it as a reminder when necessary. For the senior manager, the book helps to understand the impact of changing mores on management methods.
  • Agility, proactivity, digitization, transversality, e-management or even managerial efficiency: the concepts are scrutinized to resolve current issues.
  • To be read in the same Dunod collection: the 50 practical sheets of The manager’s toolbox and The managerial innovation toolbox.

The 5 keys to succeed in his first managerial steps, Vincent Dicecca

Why become a manager? How to impose yourself as such? What are the challenges of the managerial function? This book sheds light on the choice of change of position, and supports the new manager with simple and actionable advice.

The 5 keys to succeed in your first managerial steps, for whom?

  • A book that explains the basic techniques, and the means to put them into practice: short, the manual reads quickly.
  • This book is intended for the aspiring manager who asks himself questions, and the manager who makes his debut as such in the company.
  • To be read in the same objective of learning the basics: Management for Dummies, a longer and more complete book.

The management of crisis situations, Laurent Combalbert

Former Raid negotiator, the author delivers in his book the effective techniques for managing a crisis: a situation with which the manager is potentially confronted during his career. Published in 2018, the book does not specifically deal with the economic crisis linked to the pandemic. Yet it comes at the right time in the context. The methods taught make it possible to react in the right way, whatever the origin of the disorganization.

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The management of crisis situations, for whom?

  • This methodological book draws conclusions from the author’s lived experience, which makes it pleasant to read, like a novel.
  • The book is suitable for all managers, regardless of experience level.
  • Particularly topical, the book supports managers in managing the post-health crisis.

The Manager’s Guide 2022, Legislative editions

“Labor law to respond to your teams on a daily basis”. If the subject seems daunting, and reserved for HR, it must also interest the manager. Taking of leave, insubordination, conflicts at work: so many subjects which fall under management, and which require a minimum legal knowledge.

The 2022 Manager’s Guide, for whom?

  • The manual is intended to be educational, but the technical nature of the material requires an effort of reading.
  • The book is intended primarily for HR, then for experienced managers.
  • In its 2022 version, the guide includes a section dedicated to the consequences of the health crisis on labor law regulations.

Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod

The worldwide bestseller, number 1 in sales for several weeks in a row, explains why and how to get up before 8 a.m. What relationship with management? From the CAC 40 business owner to the individual entrepreneur, including the manager: the author, whose method is approved and adopted by tens of thousands of readers, explains that getting up before dawn increases performance at work whatever the function.

Miracle Morning, for whom?

  • This personal development book, easy to read, is intended for all profiles. The book allows you to gain skills by developing your managerial skills.
  • Other books, not necessarily focused on management, explore the path of personal development. Among the best known: The 7 habits of those who do everything they do, Your second life begins when you understand that you only have one.

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