10 myths about tequila, what you do and what you should not believe

10 myths about tequila, what you do and what you should not believe

“With a worm and a horse”, the myths and truths you should know about tequila

You have probably heard that a good tequila should bring a worm, that it should not be cold and that it should be drunk on a horse, to put an end to several false myths that surround Mexican distillate and confirm those that are true, here we leave you the truth.

Tequila makes you crazy

False. The idea that tequila drives you crazier than other types of liquor. In the 1950s tequila became popular in California and it was discovered that many people they were confusing mezcaltequila is a type of mezcal) with mescaline, the psychedelic alkaloid similar to LSD.

Real tequila has a worm in the bottle

False. There are some typical worms from agave plants that used to get into the process. But today, this should not happen.

However, you can enjoy the chinicuiles (red worms) that grow on the roots of agave plants and the maguey worms (white) that are larvae live inside the leaves of the agave salmiana in some dish of Mexican gastronomy, in sauces or seasonings and in tacos.

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Tequila should not get cold

True. Although there are currently trends they include drinking cold tequila and even ice cream. If the tequila gets cold it can lose some of its flavor and smell characteristics, explains Casa Sauza.

Tequila expires

False. Like other spirits, tequila does not lose its characteristics over time. In order to keep it in optimal conditions it is necessary keep it tightly closedBecause when exposed to air, alcohol evaporates.

It is recommended to place the bottles in an upright position to prevent the liquid from touching the cap, which can cause corrosion that affects taste and quality.

Tequila must be drunk on a rocking horse

Not necessarily. Although the caballito is commonly used to drink tequila, it is not the most recommended method of consuming it. Tequila is all about aromatics if you really want to appreciate it, you get the best experience with a drink of white wine or where there’s enough space between the liquid and your face so you can pick up its aroma, says Martineau.

In fact, there is a special glass in which the characteristics of tequila can be better perceived.

Tequila is made from any agave

False. Tequila is not prepared from a cactus as there is also the myth, the agave is not a cactus. Tequila is prepared exclusively from the pineapple of the “agave tequilana weber variety azul” whose maturation requires between six or seven years. With some other agaves of other species other Mexican drinks are made such as mezcal, pulque, sotol, bacanora and raicilla.

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All tequila tastes the same

False. At Jalisco Valley higher temperatures and more rainfall; is associated with a style of drier tequila. The floors are ash colored.

While in the Highlands, the soils are rich in iron and very red, which produces tequilas sweeter and more fruity. Because it is cooler and drier in the highlands, agave matures for a longer period. Agave pineapples have a higher sugar level because they get bigger, explains Chantal Martineau, the author of How The Gringos Stole Tequila in First We Feast.

Añejo tequila is the best tequila

It depends. It is a matter of the tastes and preferences of each person. The best tequila can be a white if you like the more intense flavors of agave. On the other hand, if you prefer sweeter and more complex notes that only a wooden barrel can provide, vintage tequila is for you.

Tequila and 100% Agave Tequila are the same

False. There are two categories: 100% agave Tequila and Tequila.

100% agave tequila is made exclusively with sugars obtained from the agave plant and is bottled immediately. The tequila category is 51% agave sugar and 49% other sugars.

Tequila does not cause a hangover

It depends. It is said that a 100% agave tequila, taken pure, does not cause a hangover the next day. Some factors that influence the effects of hangover have to do with the amount and frequency of alcohol consumed.

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By last, If someone tells you that an authentic tequila can be made anywhere in the world where agave grows, that’s a lie. Tequila has to be Mexican as their Denomination of Origin (DOT) indicates it. It is produced in Jalisco, in addition to certain regions of Nayarit, Michoacán, Guanajuato and Tamaulipas.


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