10 reasons to optimize your internal SEO network

maillage interne d'un site web

1. Distribution of link juice

What is link juice ? Linkjuice is the power of a page called PageRank which is transmitted between 2 linked pages. In other words, it is a sharing of energy that takes place via a link. We also talk about page weight or potential.
Internal networking is an essential recommendation if you want to perform in SEO, because without it your pages will not be able to obtain PageRankand therefore enough weight to position itself on Google.
Note that linking your pages intelligently to each other is an effective optimization in combination with a netlinking strategy. Thus the popularity of the incoming pages on your site will be distributed from link to link.
Our agency recommendation: Make powerful inbound links to your strategic pages and link these pages with your daughter pages and vice versa.

2. Facilitation of the crawl by the robots

Google’s robots constantly crawl (visit) billions of sites on the web in order to index pages or keep them in its index. The current problem for large sites, in particular e-commerce and big blogs; is that the pages bury themselves deep in the tree structure until they are no longer accessible or very difficult.
Internal meshing is an effective solution for limit page depth , because this will allow robots to find your pages, even very old ones, thanks to intelligently positioned links in your content or in the structure of your pages.
Our expert recommendation: Use breadcrumbs so that Google can locate itself on each of your pages.

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3. Avoid orphan pages

A orphan page as the name suggests is a page devoid of inbound links. If this page does not have an inbound link, in SEO it is considered that it will be useless, because it cannot be discovered by Google and therefore indexed. This kind of case is quite typical especially for blog posts that are only linked to a category with no apparent link on the site.
Our wise advice: Make sure you always link your article to another article or via a menu with the link of the category to which the article is associated.

4. Participate in thematic coherence

Just like in Netlinking, it is important to have a thematic consistency between 2 pages which make a link. The advantage of a well-made internal network is to be able to provide both Google and users with related topics that make you an expert in your topic.
Our SEO advice: Stay in your theme and avoid unnecessary links towards fundamentally different subjects. Example: you have an article that talks about shoes, prefer a link to another article that talks about shoes, or socks and not to a page that talks about Gloves …

5. Boost your strategic pages

When we talk about a strategic page, we are talking about a page that has an objective of traffic, positioning and conversion. These are your pages that you want to promote through different strategies such as content strategy, netlinking or UX.
The optimization of the internal mesh in the case of a strategic page boost is very effective, because in sculpting your meshproperly to your strategic pages, you increase your chances of position on Google .
Our tip: make a strategic auditin addition to a technical audit to detect opportunities and prioritize actions.

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6. More visitor retention

Retaining a visitor on its site is beneficial for its referencing. Several KPIs are also to be monitored, such as the bounce rate, the time spent on the pages and the interactions.
By building your internal link network , you can take the user wherever you want by giving him as much information as possible. Such a strategy coupled with content geared towardsresearch intentionwill invite your visitor to stay, come back, convert and share.

7. Better positioning

Google takes into account the links in your pages, but also thelink anchor. In Onsite optimization strategy , we attach a lot of importance to the link anchor. By varying your link anchors with similar keywords, synonyms, you improve the semantic field of your pages, but also your positioning on more keywords.

8. No Google penguin penalty

Penguin (penguin in English) is the name of the filter given by Google to the algorithm which detects and punishes abusive practices in Netlinking. The penguin mainly sanctions sites that have Backlinks with over-optimized linksin large numbers on the same page.
Fortunately this penalty does not apply to your internal links . Therefore link anchors can be optimized and over optimized on exact keywords in your site structure as long as they target internal pages. The advantage is that you are free to do what you want, but avoiding keyword stuffing (excessive repetition of keywords on the same page).
Our recommendation: Target strategic generic keywords and vary anchors with synonyms or related keywords.

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9. Allows the construction of silos

Siloing is a practice of structuring the content of a website in which similar pages and relating to the same subject and theme are concentrated within themed silos hermetically. This technique is the basis of that of semantic cocoon a method to improve and develop the semantic mesh powered in France by Laurent Bourelly.
The silo or the cocoon is ideal for linking pages concentrated on a single powerful theme. This makes it possible in particular to target and push a generic keyword with very high potential generating high traffic.
Our advice: Choose the creation of silos for your highly themed content within your blog and in the structure of your site.

10. Facilitates conversion

Last important point: the internal mesh of your site helps conversion. A link can take the form of a textual link or that of a CTA (Call To Action in English) and if it is well placed, contextualized and well highlighted, the user will click and go to another page to continue searching for info. By working well on your mesh, the contents of your pages and the choice of your buttons, you can make your visitor in a conversion tunnelengaging.
The advice: Do not just work on the mesh, also think of the ux, and the design to highlight your links.

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