10 Tips for a Successful Netlinking Strategy

Netlinking is a powerful SEO lever, capable of propelling your page to the top of the list of Google results. More web traffic, more conversions, more sales!

Don’t forget SEO leads have a much higher conversion power than other acquisition channels: 14.6% according to Hubspot.

To help you navigate the murky waters of link strategy, here are 10 (good) tips from the SEMJuice whitepaper!

1- Focus on Google

When it comes to SEO in France, it is impossible to miss Google. The search engine is massively used there, exceeding 95%. This is why SEO optimizations and strategies for positioning a keyword on a results page focus on Google !

You should also know that being positioned beyond page 1 of the results: Internet users book 88% of clicks on page 1 (first 10 results) and are 83% to click on the first 3 answers uniquely…. We will see how the end of the pagination reshuffles the cards, but today, the report is without appeal.

2- Choose a keyword with a good ROI

Netlinking is a very powerful tool, but it has a cost and your final objective is the growth of your turnover (right?). It is therefore important to properly analyze the request on which you want to position yourself, and to calculate whether the effort is worth it. For example, aiming for a very competitive query with a large search volume will be longer, more difficult and more expensive. Targeting a more niche, less sought-after query that converts very well can be an interesting strategy.

3- Align content and search intent

Analyzing the SERP will allow you to understand the power of competitors that you want to catch up with, overtake and therefore measure the efforts to be made, but not only! Analyzing the SERP also means ensuring that your content corresponds to what Google expects and through it the Internet user, on this request. Netlinking does not stand alone, it is a positioning accelerator, but the on-site – content and technique – must be efficient. Putting backlinks on information-oriented content when the request is transactional will not work miracles.

4- Acquire quality links

Google itself says it: the number of links received (backlinks) depends on the good referencing of a web page. At equal quality, the page which receives the most links will be favoured… Attention: acquiring links, yes, but good link ! Low quality, toxic or spammy links risk on the contrary “damping” your positioning. Since the linkspam update, Google says, not to sanction the site but not to take them into account either. That would be tantamount to investing at a loss.

It is therefore crucial to seek to obtain good quality links : on serious sites, in a theme related to yours, with a good seniority, a strong Authorityno spam, which already generate traffic, in short sites which are already “well seen” by Google.

Find in the SEMJuice white paper all the advice to identify what a good link is.

The “link” is today an identified and monetized resource. It is therefore possible to go through agencies, platforms, which have a catalog of partner sites willing to link to your page

5- Vary the links received

This is where it gets complicated: to be well seen by Google and avoid the sanction, it is necessary to vary the type of links received. It’s quite an art, with many parameters to vary, so that your page maintains a natural link profile. A page with a “suspicious” link profile in the eyes of Google indeed risks the sanction.

6- Concentrate link juice

To get the most power from the netlinking strategy, you also need to know how place your link correctly within a page, within an article, within a link anchor. Google doses the “link juice” that is transmitted from one page to another. For example, the number of links in the same page, the positioning of the link anchor in a page has an impact on the amount of link juice received!

7- Be patient

SEO in general and netlinking in particular are a matter of endurance. Wanting immediate results exposes you to sanctions, and at Google, this is very likely to be final… SEMJuice advises you to deploy a strategy over at least 6 months with actions sequenced over time.

8- Be careful

But you still have to master the intricacies of netlinking, because the linking strategy is not without risk for your visibility. Indeed, the Google search engine does not like that we try to manipulate your results pageand the sanction can fall if you do not do it in the right way.

Seeing your sales page become invisible overnight can be very expensive… and if it is possible to get out of a Google sanction, the invisible label of “bad student” will remain permanently stuck to your page. She will never regain its performance ahead! Caution, therefore.

9- Optimize the other two pillars of SEO

SEO is not just netlinking! As mentioned above, it would be a shame to waste your efforts to find good links by wanting to push a page with non-optimized content, or whose web structure is too heavy. You can :

  • Create content that is semantically rich, relevant and better optimized than SERP competitors
  • Check your Core Vital Web indicators and that the page loads in less than 3 seconds, and if not, work to lighten it
  • Check its mesh…

Start by optimizing the page to work on all fronts before deploying a linking strategy!

10- Check your results

How to know if the netlinking worked? There are a few metrics to monitor to gauge the impact of your linking strategy:

  • your traffic organic estimated increases
  • the keyword positioning worked evolves (that of your web page too)
  • The overall volume of site keywords also increases
  • Your number of referring domains increases

Professional SEO software like SEObserver, Semrush, and many others can provide you with this information. And if you are accompanied by an SEO pro, he can give you regular reports to help you estimate the impact of your netlinking strategy.

Finally, don’t hesitate to read the SEMJuice white paper for more information on netlinking, it’s free and full of advice!

This article was written by a guest partner

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