100 Million Dollars the Content Creators

Earlier this year, YouTube announced plans to invest significantly in original creator content with the introduction of a $ 100 million YouTube Shorts fund to reward the best creators of short videos under 60 seconds. . The main objective of this record investment in content creation is to counter the rise of TikTok and Instagram on short video formats.

YouTube Shorts now available in France

YouTube Shorts
YouTube Shorts

Since mid-July 2021 in France, all content creators with a YouTube channel can create YouTube Shorts, the YouTube version of Instagram Reels and short TikTok videos.

Those short vertical videos of 60 seconds maximum aim to position YouTube as a player of choice in the market for short creative videos, dominated until now by TikTok and Instagram.

PS: if the option ” Create a Short »Is not showing on your app yet, make sure to update the app to the latest Android or iOS version.

A $ 100 million fund to reward the creators of YouTube Shorts

The fund will reward creators for their most engaging and viewed short videos in the year 2021 to 2022.

YouTube has announced the official launch of the fund, and creators will start receiving their first payments in August.

Which YouTubers are eligible for compensation from this YouTube Shorts fund? In which countries?

To be able to claim the ” YouTube Shorts Fund Bonus“, Content creators will have to meet certain criteria.

Here they are :

  • The YouTube channel must have created and uploaded at least one Short eligible for the compensation program in the last 180 days;
  • Videos shared by the channel must comply with various YouTube regulations, monetization rules and copyright rules;
  • The YouTube channel must be linked to a Google Adsense monetization account, it must have accumulated more than 4000 hours of viewing and 10,000 subscribers at least;
  • Channels that cross-post videos with watermarks from other social networks such as TikTok in particular will not be eligible;
  • The creator of the Shorts videos must reside in one of these countries / regions:
    • UK
    • United States
    • Note: YouTube plans to offer these bonuses in more countries / regions in the future, but France is not currently one of the lucky ones.
  • Creators must be of legal age in their country / region.
  • In order for underage creators to participate in this program, they will need to ask a parent or legal guardian to agree to the terms of service and set up an Adsense account to receive payments.

How much can YouTubers be paid for their Shorts?

Starting in August 2021, each month, YouTube will invite thousands of eligible creators to claim payment through Google Adsense for the Shorts they have created. YouTubers will then receive an in-app notification or an email on the email associated with their account.

These payments can range from $ 100 to $ 10,000 based on the audience and engagement generated by their short YouTube Shorts videos.

From what audience thresholds will the Shorts be remunerated by the YouTube fund?

YouTube declined to share the exact audience thresholds creators will need to meet to make money with their Shorts. The social network also indicates that these figures may change from one month to another.

What are other ways to monetize a YouTube channel?

10 ways to monetize a YouTube channel

As we saw in our article on the salaries of web influencers, the possibilities for a YouTuber to monetize his channel are numerous. YouTube also recalled this at the same time as this announcement.

With the official launch of the Shorts Fund, YouTube insists that its social network can now be monetized in 10 ways by creators. Making money with a YouTube channel can indeed be done via YouTube ads, revenue shares from YouTube Premium subscriptions, channel subscriptions, Super Chat, Super Merci, Super Stickers, derivative products sold, the ticket office and the BrandConnect.


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