12 Free and Useful Chrome Extensions for SEO

Do you work in SEO and use Google Chrome every day? Here is a selection of 12 100% free and useful Chrome extensions to support you in your daily work of optimizing the natural referencing of your sites.

If there are many Chrome extensions more or less dedicated to SEO, it is sometimes difficult to navigate and make your selection. We offer you here a (non-exhaustive) list of 12 Chrome extensions that are both useful and complementary when working in SEO.

1- Google Lighthouse: a Chrome extension to perform a performance audit of a web page but not only …

The Chrome Lighthouse extension offered by Google allows in a few clicks to launch a performance audit of a web page and identify areas for improvement (eg image optimization, Javascript minification, CSS minification, etc.).

lighthouse chrome extension
Preview of a report generated by the Lighthouse extension

In addition to analyzing the performance of web pages, the Lighthouse extension can also generate a report dedicated to Progressive Web App and make recommendations on more general best practices (eg: use of HTTPS, HTTP / 2, etc.)

Recently, a new “SEO audit” section also allows you to check 10 basic elements (presence of a title tag, meta description, HTTP status code, presence and correct writing of hreflang and canonical tags, indexability of the page, etc.).

2- Web Developer: a complete Chrome extension for developer and SEO

While the Chrome Web Developer extension wasn’t originally created for SEOs, it does offer a number of options and features that are very useful for SEOs. For example, it is possible to:

  • View all internal and external links and their target URL in one click
  • View HTTP headers
  • View all the Hn tags on a page and their order of appearance
  • View all the alt tags of images on a page
  • Highlight Hn tags
  • Disable JavaScript
chrome web developer extension
Preview option to view all links and their targets via the Web Developer extension
chrome web developer hn extension
Preview of the option to view the Hn markup of a page in 1 click

3- SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch: a Chrome extension to view international SERPs

If you work for a site targeting several languages, having a Chrome extension that allows you to consult Google’s local search results in a few clicks for a given query, country and language, this could not be more practical! The free SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch plugin allows just that.

Concretely, all you have to do is enter the search to be carried out as well as the country and the language you want to test, the extension then loads the Google results page as it is displayed for an Internet user located in this country:

extension seo search simulator chrome
Overview of how SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch plugin works

While the extension allows you to simulate a Google search results page for a given country and language, you will not be able to simulate a more local search results page based on a city in a country for example.

4- Image Size Info: a Chrome extension to quickly analyze the weight and dimensions of images

Images can greatly slow down the loading of a web page. The Chrome Image Size Info extension allows with a right click on any image to know:

  • the URL of the image,
  • its dimensions (loaded and displayed),
  • its weight in KB.
extension chrome image size info
Once the extension is installed, a right click on an image then a second click on “View Image Info” allows you to obtain this data

5- Scraper: a Chrome extension to scrape data on web pages

The Chrome Scraper extension, as its name suggests, allows data to be scrapped on a web page. Concretely, this extension will make it possible for example to export to Google Sheets all the search results which go up on a Google request. The possibilities offered by this extension are numerous and are of course not limited to that.

extension scraper chrome
Scraper expansion preview

6- Link Redirect Trace: an extension to quickly identify redirects

chrome link redirect trace extension
Preview of the report generated by the Link Redirect Trace extension by clicking on its icon

The Chrome Link Redirect Trace extension makes it very easy to track simple redirects and redirection chains when visiting a page. On click on a result, the extension also displays the HTTP headers for each URL.

This Chrome extension also analyzes canonical tags and robots.txt to identify possible blocking points (eg 1 canonical tag that points to a 404 URL).

7- SimilarWeb: a Chrome extension to get an overview of the traffic of visited sites

SimilarWeb chrome extension
Here is an overview of the data offered for free by SimilarWeb for each site via its Chrome extension

The SimilarWeb Chrome extension can be very useful in the context of prospecting sites for netlinking campaigns for example. The extension makes it possible to consult for free an estimate of the total traffic generated by the sites visited as well as other interesting data such as the geographical origin of visitors and the main sources of traffic (be careful, however, SimilarWeb tends to overestimate the actual site traffic).

8- Open SEO Stats: an extension to obtain a multitude of SEO information on a page in a few clicks

extension open seo stats chrome

The Chrome Open SEO Stats extension, which formerly gave Google’s PageRank before it was no longer updated and discontinued, allows you to get a lot of relevant information about a page and a site in a few clicks only: number of pages indexed on different search engines, IP, Alexa traffic evolution, presence of robots.txt and Sitemap.xml, Metas, Hn markup, loading time,…

A real gold mine for any SEO, this Chrome extension is, like all the others presented in this article, 100% free and useful in SEO.

9- Tag Assistant: a Chrome extension to check the tags on your site

tag assistant extension chrome seo

Developed and offered by Google, the SEO Tag Assistant extension is very useful for identifying possible problems with analytics (or other) tags integrated on its website. The plugin provides a quick overview of which tags are configured correctly and which are not.

10- GA Debug: a very useful extension to debug a faulty analytics tag

extension chrome ga debug

Have you ever run into issues with your Analytics tag without understanding what is going on? Some pages are not tracked but you don’t know where it could come from? Your UTMs are not uploading all the data? The Chrome GA Debug extension lets you preview what may be wrong with your Google Analytics tag with just a few clicks.

11- SurferSEO: an extension that displays a lot of SEO data directly in the Google SERP

The SurferSEO Chrome extension has been adopted by over 300,000 SEOs and web editors and it’s not for nothing.

Not only does it provide very interesting insights that other extensions struggle to display on Google search results pages, but it also allows you to generate article plans dynamically (thanks to artificial intelligence) from the results. Google search.

12- Google Translate: a Chrome extension to automatically translate paragraphs in any language

If you’re more of SEO Gray or Black Hat, this plugin, well used, can get you to generate SEO content pretty quickly.

How to find good backlinks?

Be careful, all these tools, however powerful they may be, will not necessarily make you a good SEO. These extensions are only there to save you time in your everyday work. Another important point: most tools will allow you to judge the quality of a site (loading speed, page optimization, etc.). You will still have most of the work to do. Indeed, after a thorough analysis of the site, which you will carry out thanks to the extensions, you can:

  • Buy the site that seems relevant to you, in the SEO strategy that you have put in place
  • Do a quick audit of the sites of your customers or your competitors
  • Ask the owners if it is possible to set up a partnership between your two sites.

This last solution is mandatory, if you want to position your website as best as possible on the query you are targeting. However, it must be admitted, it is extremely time consuming and rarely successful. In addition, the extensions cited here will not suffice. Finding a site with the same theme as yours is far from being the only criterion to take into account. There are two major tools for analyzing website links. These are Majestic SEO and Ahref. You are free to take into account the criteria of one or the other, or even both, if you have a sufficient budget. Of course, the more the site is known and recognized, the more complex the negotiation to obtain a link will be. For Majestic, there are several pieces of information to take into account:

  • Trust Flow (TF): this is an index of trust for a page or a website. The higher the latter, the more the link obtained will be a strong signal in the eyes of search engines.
  • Citation Flow (CF): This time it’s the number of quotes your website has had that matters. It is for example possible that the site is cited several times on the sites, but with a trust flow of poor quality.

For Ahref, we speak of referring domain (RD). Here, it is not a question of the quality of the links or of notoriety, but simply of the number of websites which speak about you. At Ahref, these two criteria are combined into one. The site then speaks of Domain Rating. It will give you a score out of 100. Be careful not to be too demanding with these numbers, because Ahref indicates that the more you climb in the ranking, the more difficult it is to get an extra point. It then remains to define the terms of the link. The latter can be on a new page. In this case, the trust flow of the site will undoubtedly be relevant. You will still need to define the number of words, which seems relevant to you, as well as the anchor. Finally, you will need to know who is going to write the text. To save time, and fortunately, there are platforms that allow you to buy links on sites, with the criteria we have just discussed. In most cases, it is the platform that writes the text. It is then up to you to see if the link obtained gives your site the boost you expect. To be complete on the subject, the Nextlevel.link site offers a system that is a little different from the others. Of course, you will be able to buy links according to the TF, CF or RD of the site, but this time, your link will be on a page already positioned on the keyword you are targeting. You will have a better chance of seeing your site progress quickly on the targeted keyword.

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