14 Questions to Test Your Knowledge of GoogleBot Crawl Optimization?

While many confuse crawl and indexing, Google allows you to test your knowledge via an online test accessible on the English version of one of its help pages. On the program, 14 true / false questions with detailed answers after each answer, whether good or bad.

Optimization of the crawl budget, good and bad practices presented in the form of a quiz

google crawl test
Sneak peek at Google’s crawl knowledge test

Do you want to test your skills and knowledge in Google crawl optimization?

Go to this page on the English version, you will have access to 14 “True” / “False” questions allowing you to gauge your level of understanding of Google crawl optimization.

If you have an interview for an SEO, it can also be a good test to gauge more technical skills and your web culture.

For my part, I will have to settle for a 10/14 for this test …

Once the answers have been validated, Google gives further explanations to allow a good understanding of the element on which the question was related:

SEO crawl google knowledge test

Too bad the quiz is also not in French version for SEO angry with the language of Shakespeare …

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