15 marketing blogs in French to follow in 2022

15 marketing blogs in French to follow in 2022

The world of marketing is constantly evolving, especially in digital marketing where every week comes with its share of innovations. Employees and freelancers therefore need to stay informed to follow the latest trends and stay up to date. On the internet, many sites offer information on the subject, but not all are of equal quality.

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That’s why HubSpot offers you a selection of the 15 best blogs to keep up with marketing, social media and SEO news.

Blogs on digital marketing news

The Moderator’s Blog

Here is a blog whose reputation is well established. The Moderator’s Blog is a must-have for professionals who want to learn more about digital marketing news. The site publishes daily surveys or articles on different themes such as social networks, SEO or development.

The Moderator's Blog

Digital Century

Siècle Digital was created in 2013 by enthusiasts of the digital world. It contains in-depth articles on the transformations of the digital world, analyzes as well as a series of podcasts dealing with topical subjects of the digital age under the title “Futurs au Pluriel”.

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Digital Century

Webmarketing & Co’m

The Webmarketing & Co’m blog is full of resources for web marketers. If the background files are regularly updated to be enriched over time, the news relay the latest innovations in the sector. SEO, social networks, inbound marketing… all subjects are covered.

Webmarketing & Co'm

The PtiDigital

To find a daily source of information in e-marketing, Le PtiDigital is the ideal blog with content that addresses all digital topics: from web marketing to social networks through SEO. By subscribing to the newsletter, it is possible to receive a comprehensive newsletter every Tuesday with unmissable news.

The PtiDigital

The Digitalizer

Created in 2017 by a web marketing consultant, Le Digitalizeur describes itself as a knowledge sharing hub for people wishing to discover or train in digital marketing. Content on SEO, e-mailing, entrepreneurship and selections of tools are published daily. Finally, the bimonthly newsletter informs subscribers about the latest articles published.

The Digitalizer

Marketing advice

Created by Frédéric Canevet in 2006, the ConseilsMarketing blog is a benchmark for professionals in the sector. He publishes technical articles on subjects related to e-commerce, growth hacking or more generally to sales and loyalty.

Marketing advice


Digitiz offers expert-level information free of charge on issues related to digital marketing. This blog addresses many often overlooked issues such as the management of negative reviews or the criteria for choosing a good agency. It also publishes numerous reviews relating to website hosting or e-mailing software.

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Audrey tips

No, Audrey Tips was not created by an Audrey who shares her tips and advice but by Laurent Vermot-Gauchy, an internet entrepreneur. This virtual coach nevertheless offers excellent advice on topics related to content marketing or online advertising.

audrey tips

SEO Blogs


Arobasenet is a blog more specifically specialized in SEO and social networks. It publishes useful information to improve the natural referencing of a site as well as its communication strategy on the various social network platforms.



As its name suggests, Abondance is a mine of information concerning natural referencing and it is also a reference in the field. There are very well-documented articles on SEO news and expert advice in the form of open-access videos. To deepen knowledge, Abondance offers paid content such as SEO training or guides on writing specifications or SEO audits.


Web Rank Info

Web Rank Info was initially specialized in SEO on Google and gradually broadened its area of ​​expertise to include all SEO, whether natural or paid. Beyond the many articles on techniques and tools, Web Rank Info has designed a paid offer for SEO training and consulting. Its strong point nevertheless lies in its community: the largest French-speaking community in the field of SEO, bringing together more than 25,000 members and totaling more than 1.5 million messages on its forum.

Web Rank Info

Semrush Blog

If Semrush is a reference in terms of SEO tool, his blog is no exception and he offers many articles on digital marketing, all of excellent quality. It covers SEO, of course, but also social networks and online advertising. Each article is presented with its reading time, practical when it is necessary to choose according to the time to be devoted.

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semrush blog

Social media blogs


Emarketinglicious.fr is a marketing blog aimed specifically at companies wishing to use social media marketing techniques. In addition to in-depth articles, tutorials, guides and webinars, Emarketinglicious.fr supports professionals through training and strategic advice.


The Community Manager’s Journal

The Community Manager’s Journal is a collaborative blog that dissects the latest news from social networks. Very comprehensive, this site offers articles on social networks, but also on content marketing, inbound marketing, blogging and even SEO. News is published daily, a very good source to follow the news.

Community Manager's Journal


Agorapulse is both a marketing blog and a platform for centralizing a company’s activities on social networks. Thus, the site will save time by simplifying community managers, in particular for the management of comments and messages received but also for the publication of content. In addition, the blog provides advice and tips on social media strategy and the latest news from different platforms. The best articles are grouped together in the monthly newsletter.

agora pulse

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