16-year-old Wendy’s employee shot by angry customer

Un cliente furioso de Wendy's abrió fuego en un drive-thru disparando a un empleado en la cabeza.

A 16-year-old Wendy’s worker in Phoenix he was seriously injured by a shot to the head made by an upset customer after an argument over additional barbecue sauce.

Brian Durham Jr., with a bullet grazing his brain, was on the verge of death and will have to learn to speak again.

The events occurred Thursday night at the Wendy’s at 19th Avenue and Glendale Road, when the victim was at a self-service cash register. A customer who asked for more sauce got into an argument with another employee who was at the window and eventually ended up opening fire.

“He was in the middle, and the other guy was there, ‘Hey, let me get some extra barbecue sauce’… My son was quiet and he had the guy’s change in his hand,” said Brian Durham, the father. of the injured youth, to Fox 11 News.

Following the assault, the client got into a car driven by someone else and fled the drive-thru. Approximately after 20 hours later, Phoenix police arrested suspected shooter Theotis Polk, 27.

Polk faces multiple felony charges including aggravated assault and possession of a firearm by a prohibited possessor.

The injured teenager underwent five-hour surgery and is making slow progress. He does not have a ventilator and breathes on his own, although the full effect of the injury on his cognitive abilities remains to be seen. “They give him orders and he moves his fingers and toes, but he cannot speak”the father told NBC 12 News.

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Durham Jr., or B-Man, as his family calls him, had been working at Wendy’s for about four months, hired shortly after his 16th birthday. His father said that the young man wanted to help his mother pay the bills.

After learning of the arrest of the alleged aggressor, the father of the wounded teenager said he was happy about the capture and that his son is alive. “He would have taken my son from me,” Durham told NBC, “It made no sense, he shot a kid in the head who had nothing to do with the situation, it traumatized him for the rest of his life.”

Fast food restaurant workers point out that mistreatment and aggression from customers have increased, one of the factors that is leading them to resign their jobs.

In one recent attack, a 19-year-old woman shot through the drive-thru window of a Taco Bell in Illinois after placing an order.

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