2-year-old orders 31 burgers from an iPhone

enfants sur iPhone

It’s a rather extraordinary story that took place last week in Texas. It is brought to us via a Facebook post by a mother named Kelsey Burkhalter Golden.

Her son, just two, ordered 31 cheeseburgers from McDonald’s using the Doordash app. She then joked on the social network by posting a photo of the “culprit” alongside this small montage of hamburgers.

Parental controls can save you from such a mishap

Internet users then had a blast in the comments and some of them even explained that their own children made surprising purchases online. Thus, one of them reports that his offspring has ordered three iPhones, while another deplores a very expensive subscription for NBA matches.

As our colleagues rightly point out from Appleinsider, these worries could have been avoided if they had used parental controls on their phones. Apple offers many mechanisms to avoid giving children the possibility of accessing problematic content.

This does not prevent certain accidents which we regularly hear about. To cite just one example, we were talking to you in December 2020 about George Johnson, then only 6 years old, who spent a total of $16,293 in in-app purchases on the game. sonic forces from Sega. A very heavy addition to cash for his parents.

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