20 examples in French + how to make your own

20 examples in French + how to make your own

Writing your Instagram bio is an essential step when creating an account. Visible to users of the social network, this text may be enough to convert them into subscribers. Brand, influencer or even online store: some accounts pass the writing exercise brilliantly. Zoom on examples in French from which to draw inspiration for a successful Instagram bio.

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It is important to write your Instagram bio well:

  • To gain subscribers. When an Instagram user hears of a name or brand that may be of interest to them, the reflex to search for the account on the social network is widespread. When viewing the account, the bio appears first. The text informs the user about the content, and convinces him to subscribe to it.
  • To gain customers. Instagram is used as a search engine, and the account’s bio delivers relevant information. Example: when looking for a restaurant, the user enters “restaurant + city name” in the search bar; the results appear; the user clicks on the account and views the restaurant’s opening hours and address on the bio.
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How to make an Instagram bio in 3 easy steps?

# 1 Edit profile

On the user profile, click on “Modify profile”.

edit Instagram profile

# 2 Fill in the fields

At this point, several fields to customize appear.

First of all the “Name”: different from the user name, the “Name” is used to be found during a request. For this purpose, it must be simple, and representative, within the limit of 30 characters. To choose an effective name, it’s a good idea to think about search queries from Instagram users. Example: the name “Chef X, home cook” is easy to find.

Then, the “Website”: the field allows you to insert a redirect link to a page of the site. This can be the home page or any other web page to promote: a product page to convert, for example.

Instagram bio: for a successful Instagram bio, that is to say both informative and convincing, it is recommended to mention these different elements.

  • The subject of the account. Brand, influencer or even entrepreneur: mention the “job” to provide information on what the account offers.
  • The interest of the account. This is to answer the question: why subscribe to this particular account? It is important to differentiate from the competition to convince of the attractions of the content. You have to prove the added value and present, briefly, the best arguments to gain subscribers.
  • Practical information. If necessary, it is very useful to insert timetables, an address or even current news such as promotion or event. On this occasion, it is possible to include a call-to-action.

Once the Instagram bio content is ready, the formatting step begins.

  1. Summarize the text so as to reach a maximum of 150 characters. To gain characters, it is customary to minimize punctuation, and to prefer for example the vertical separation bars to maintain good readability.
  2. Capture attention on Instagram bio and organize the text. Emoticons are very effective for this purpose. These playful little symbols make it possible to attract the eye and to structure the ideas to be conveyed in organic farming.
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# 3 Finish

When the Instagram bio is ready, click “Finish” on iPhone, or “Send” from a computer.

20 successful Instagram bio examples

There are 3 types of accounts on Instagram: the personal account, the professional account for brands and companies, the creator account for influencers and content producers. Instagram bio is all the more important for professional and designer categories, for obvious marketing purposes: gaining followers and converting customers.

Instagram bio examples for a blog

The blogger necessarily seeks to gain visibility, he writes blog articles intended to be read by the greatest number. Example of a successful Instagram bio on a travel blogger’s account:

Around the world in 80 days

Nothing to sell, emotion and inspiration to offer

Join us in pictures

And here for more info

The blogger inserts flags of the countries visited, in the form of emoticons. His bio includes a redirect link to his last article.

Examples of Instagram bio for influencer or youtubeur

Sportsmen, comedians or reality TV candidates, they are influencers or YouTubers and benefit from being followed on Instagram by a significant number of subscribers. 2 examples of successful Instagram bio on the account of 2 influencers in France:

Instagram bio cyprien

bion Instagram enjoy phoenix

Examples of Instagram bio for an association

The association informs in its Instagram bio the object of its activity, and calls for donations. Examples of successful Instagram bio on behalf of 2 French non-profit associations:

bio Instgram wwf

bio instagram action against hunger

Examples of artist Instagram bio

Singer or actor, known or in the making, the artist is gaining notoriety at the same time as he is gaining subscribers. The bio of his Instagram account reveals his artistic universe, and his current projects. Examples:

bio insta group music

bio instagram comedian

Instagram bio examples for a restaurant or hotel

The hotel or restaurant, beyond gaining subscribers, needs to be found by its potential customers. His Instagram bio therefore specifies all the useful practical information, and includes a link to Google Maps to indicate the route. Example :

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organic Instagram restaurant

Examples of Instagram bio for an event

Sports competition, festival or cultural event: the event’s Instagram account specifies practical information and includes a link to redirect to registrations. Here are some examples of successful Instagram bio:

bio instagram paris marathon

bio instagram festival

Coach Instagram Bio Examples

Sports coach, life coach or professional coach: the Instagram account holder wishes to sell his services. The bio informs about the service, and convinces of skills. Example of a successful Instagram bio on the account of a personal trainer:

Experienced sports coach

– 2 kg in 20 days

For less than 20 € / month

Visit my website

The coach draws the eye to his bio with adapted emoticons, and inserts a redirect link to his website.

Instagram bio examples for an entrepreneur or a startup

2 telling examples:

bio instagram startup

bio instagram backmarket

Examples of communication agency Instagram bio

The communication agency works in B2B, and its Instagram bio reflects its target. His Instagram account is particularly neat, proof of his competence in digital communication.

bio instagram digital agency

Instagram bio examples for an architect

The architect exercises a profession that touches the visual, his Instagram account is an important showcase. Beyond the photos, its organic presentation is neat. It is indeed a question of positioning oneself as a trusted partner. Example of a successful Instagram bio on an architect account:

bio instagram architect

Instagram business bio examples

Clothing, jewelry or sporting goods: whatever their sector of activity, brands have understood it well, Instagram is a powerful marketing tool. To inform about their offer, but also to satisfy their customers, businesses rely on a neat account, and it starts with organic. In pictures, 5 examples of Instagram bio from famous businesses:

Instagram bio sezane

bio instagram french briefs

chanel instagram bio

Instagram bio michel and augustin

organic instagram orange

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