20 Minute Vegetarian Meals: Nutritious Vegetarian Dinners

20 Minute Vegetarian Meals: Nutritious Vegetarian Dinners

Dining light and healthy is a great habit to lose weight, improve digestion, fight inflammation, and sleep better.

If you are planning to lose weight you know what food plays a fundamental role in the results. The truth is that today there are all kinds of trends and eating plans created to lose weight, among the main ones are those that promote increased consumption of plant-based foods and the reality is that following the foundations of a vegetarian diet It is an extraordinary way of doing fewer calorie foods. At the same time, this type of diet is characterized by being abundant in nutrients, an important aspect to promote a healthy weight loss, and also to have good energy levels.

Consider recipes that promote the consumption of whole-grain foods as is the case of fruits, greens, vegetables, legumes, seeds, and nuts, which is related to great benefits for the body. They are an extraordinary ally for increasing the body’s hydration levels, speed up metabolism, improve digestion, and intestinal healthy fight constipation and fill us with energy.

If you feel that creativity runs out especially at dinner time, we introduce you 4 healthy recipes for light dinners and based on foods of plant origin. They are very easy to prepare, they are made with the most accessible and economic ingredients.

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20 Minute Vegetarian Meals

1. Mexican Nopalitos

20 Minute Vegetarian Meals

The nopales are a nutritional treasure of the most iconic in Mexican gastronomy, they are a very versatile vegetable. Popular in various weight loss plans or thanks to his extraordinary content in soluble fiber, they are the perfect ally to provide satiety and facilitate the elimination of body fat at the intestinal level. Are the perfect vegetarian light dinner, provide great content in vitamins and minerals, and are the lowest in calories. Best of all, it is very easy to prepare them, accessible with any pocket, and the most healthy.

2. Screw paste with cauliflower

20 Minute Vegetarian Meals: Nutritious Vegetarian Dinners

Simpler impossible, we all have a pasta package in the pantry, and combining it with vegetables for dinner is an extraordinary and nutritious alternative. Lose the fear of eating a portion of carbohydrates, remember that everything is the way they are cooked, add abundant and satiating vegetables as is the case of cauliflower (You can also supply them with broccoli). This pasta recipe It is perfect for nights with little time and the desire to cook best of all, it is prepared with only 5 very basic ingredients and available in any home.

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3. Oriental chickpea and vegetable stew

20 Minute Vegetarian Meals

Legumes represent one of the best sources of plant-based protein that exist, are generous, satiating, and very rich in nutrients. Chickpeas are a wonderful alternative to great nutritional power, stand out for their content in fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and D. At the same time they are a good ally for promote the regularity of the digestive system and benefit the cardiovascular system. Best of all is that you can use canned chickpeas (This makes the whole process of preparation much faster) and the rest of the ingredients you surely have on hand.

4. Cream of corn

20 Minute Vegetarian Meals: Nutritious Vegetarian Dinners

Once you try this Corn cream will become a very recurring recipe in your repertoire. It is a very soup simple to prepare and at night it turns out most comforting. At the same time, it has the genius of being made with pantry ingredients that you will surely have on hand at home. It is a satiating and nutrient-rich soup, the corn stands out for being an extraordinary source of energy, vitamins, and antioxidants.

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