20 years ago, Apple released the eMac all-in-one computer

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If the iMac is very well known at Apple, because it is still in range, did you know that the Californian firm once marketed another all-in-one? It was Mac. The latter emerged in April 2002. In its time it was the CRT penchant for the all-in-one format, when the iMac had just switched to LCD. It remained for a long time the most accessible computer at Apple, powered at launch by a processor PowerPC G4 clocked at 700mHz and 128 MB of RAM. In terms of storage space, you only had to count on 40 GB… The connectors on the screen box were as follows: 5 USB ports and 2 FireWire ports. Two loudspeakers and a CD-ROM player completed the technical sheet of the machine.

With its 17″ diagonal panel and 23 kilograms, the eMac was particularly appreciated in the world of education, precisely for its practical format and its quality-price ratio, excellent for the time (1499 € in the version of base).

The eMac was marketed until July 2006, in its last version dating from May 2005, which then integrated a PowerPC G4 processor clocked at 1.432 GHz and 256 MB of RAM.

And while we sorely miss it on the latest Apple machines, it was possible, on the eMac, to easily increase the amount of RAM.

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Last valiant representative of CRT technology at Apple, the eMac has really did not last long on the shelves of the Apple Store, despite its strengths. The iMac has obviously taken over from its false twin to remain on the shelves at Apple to this day. The iMac is also the best all-in-one in the world of consumer computing today. This is all the more true since its transition from the Intel platform to the Apple silicon platform.

We still want a happy birthday to the late emac. If you are interested in his story, we invite you to watch the video below, signed Apple Explained. It’s in English, but French subtitles are available.

When of you had the opportunity to work on an Apple eMac back then? Did you enjoy the experience? What do you think of the machine?

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