Apple iPhone 217 new emojis are expected with iOS 14.5

217 new emojis are expected with iOS 14.5


- Advertisment -217 new emojis are expected with iOS 14.5

They are a real language on their own. Emojis have established themselves over the past decade as symbols of discussion 2.0, and since their inception, the different OS have sought to expand their collection, to allow users to have new ways of expressing themselves, without having to to say so.

It is within the second version of the beta of iOS 14.5 that the new emojis have appeared, a sign of their imminent arrival for the general public. In fact, 217 new emojis could arrive in the coming weeks on the iPhones that will benefit from the update. Among the new emojis that will be made available to users in the coming days, Emojipedia, reference site in the matter notes the arrival of a “heart on fire”. This update also includes a vaccine-compatible syringe emoji and support for couples with a mix of skin colors.

Couples in the spotlight

It is this last novelty which occupies the majority of this update. Nearly 200 emojis out of the 217 that will make their appearance will represent couples with different skin colors. This desire for inclusion follows Apple’s logic in this area, for years the Apple brand has sought to make universal products, putting no barrier between its users.

Another small change that is more symbolic, the emoji that until then represented headphones has been redesigned, and it looks exactly like an AirPods Max in the new version of the beta. These kind of small changes are quite usual on the side of Cupertino, the brand often winking at its products within the emojis it uses.



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- Advertisement -217 new emojis are expected with iOS 14.5217 new emojis are expected with iOS 14.5

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- Advertisement -217 new emojis are expected with iOS 14.5217 new emojis are expected with iOS 14.5

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