23.6% market share for Apple, which remains number one

iPhone 13

New statistics published by the cabinet Counterpoint Research show that Apple would remain the best seller of smartphones in China in November, after having already signed the same feat over the previous period. After the United States and Europe, this is also the third most profitable geographic area for Cupertino if we are to believe the announcements made on the occasion of its latest quarterly results.

The sources of this success include the iPhone 13, which arrived on the market in October and whose reach is finally starting to be measurable. The iPhone SE, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12 are also still on sale, but their value proposition doesn’t guarantee as much performance. What’s more, these devices, since released earlier, are unlikely to be supported for that long.

An excellent return on investment

These numbers echo recent revelations that the local government signed a secret $ 275 billion contract with Apple several years earlier. His terms agreed in particular that Apple would trust more local companies to design its mobiles.

From there to also see consequences on sales, there is only one step. But of course, Asian competition is lurking: Vivo would thus be second with 17.8% market share. The advantage of this brand? Much more affordable devices, and above all a better branching of the ranges in order to correspond to each type of profile.

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Lower prices for better growth

According to Counterpoint, these very honorable scores of Apple in China would be partly due to the Single Day, equivalent to our Black Friday. Specialized e-commerce sites such as JD.com have thus seen a number of iPhones, old or not, flourish in the top 10 of its most popular products during this period. In total, Apple would have sold 15.5% more smartphones compared to the previous month.

Although 2022 It is also shaping up to be a record year for the Californian company, but we must not forget that the situation could lose its splendor around the first quarter following the prolific Christmas holidays, before of course resuming more vigorously at the end of year.

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