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What is netlinking?

The netlinking is a technique which consists in creating incoming links on its site (backlinks) in order to improve the popularity of the latter. Netlinking cannot be put in place effectively without a link acquisition strategy and leverage control. Now that you know what netlinking is, let’s take a look at local SEO.

What is local seo?

Local SEO is one of the levers of natural referencing which consists of working on your SEO only locally. To set up a local SEO strategy, you have to take into account the business opportunities that you can have in different geographical locations. For instance :

  • Country
  • Regions
  • Departments
  • Cities
  • Boroughs
  • Neighborhoods

There are different ways to work on your local SEO, we will be able to focus on one of these techniques: Local netlinking.

How to use netlinking locally?

To use the Netlinking technique locally, it will first be necessary to understand the workings of link acquisition and the important indicators to watch.

What are the important indicators to watch for netlinking?

When looking for spots (partner sites) for netlinking, you have to focus on different indicators, here is the list (source of the Majestic SEO tool):

  • The TTF (Topical Trust Flow): this is the indicator that allows you to know the overall subject of a spot according to the links it receives. There are several in different themes (sport, business, art, regional.)
  • The DR (referring domain) is the indicator that allows you to know from which sites the links come. A domain with a large number of DRs can be very interesting provided it is not spam.
  • TF and CF (Trust flow and citation flow): these are 2 indicators that measure the quality of backlinks.
  • The link anchor: It is the text which is inside a link which makes it possible to briefly designate the subject of the page towards which the link points.
  • The quality of the site: do not hesitate to see what the site looks like, see if it is technically correct (responsive, presence of a menu, categories, etc.)
  • Indexing: Choose spots where google seems to index a large number of pages. If very few pages are indexed, worry about the quality of the spot!

These indicators are common to all netlinking strategies, but to make local we can focus mainly on the Theme.

What types of sites to look for local netlinking?

Here we are, it is time for you to know what types of sites you are going to look for to create your links to your sites while remaining in a local theme.

local directories

Yes, local directories are one of the best ways to make themed links about your business and your city. To do this, you just need to register in different directories by providing as much information as possible about your company.
To make your task easier, we recommend that you write several descriptions of your company beforehand, differentiating each text. Another important criterion (and not the least) will be to optimize your text on a local query (for example: SEO Paris agency) and enrich all your text with semantics related to your keywords.
If you have the possibility, opt for an optimized or semi-optimized anchor. Otherwise, a generic or branded link anchor will also suffice.

Lexicon :

  • Optimized anchor: generic keywords in exact match. Example: Paris SEO agency
  • Semi-optimized anchor: Generic keywords diluted with other keywords or synonyms. Example: Agency specialized in SEO in Paris
  • Deoptimized anchor (generic anchor): Link anchor in the form of url or brand

To come back to the directory listing, be sure to fill in ALL the possible fields with as much information as possible. This information can be crucial for Google and users. For example, don’t forget timetables, photos, your logo, the exact address and your telephone number.

local websites

There are a large number of websites that share their cities, culture and business news. These websites are a real gold mine for you because they are very local themed sites. If you manage to get links from different local sites in several cities, you will increase your chances of positioning yourself on local requests.

To get this type of links you can either:

  • Buy links on a platform
  • Contact the editors or blogger directly
  • Contact an agency specializing in press relations
Sites themed in regional TTF

As we said above, the TTF can be an interesting indicator when looking for links. By using tools like Majestic or SEObserver, you can consult the TTF of the sites that interest you. If the sites in question are in the regional theme, it is a site where you could ask for a link to a local page.

By digging a little, maybe some sites offer categories with localities: Take a look at the articles attached to them, you could surely ask to add a link to an existing article or order an article on your subject with your backink .

Other tips: if you are in the travel or tourism sector, many travel sites and blogs can offer very themed links depending on the destination. in general, the TTFs of these sites are “recreation travel”. Do not hesitate to take a look, you will surely find some nuggets.

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