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optimiser son site sur paris

Make local netlinking by targeting Paris

Netlinking is one of the 3 fundamental pillars of SEO with content and technique. As a reminder, netlinking is an offsite SEO technique that consists of creating links entering your site from other sites. There are several ways to create links:

  • Comments on the forums
  • Buying links on publisher sites
  • Link exchange
  • PBNs (Personal Blog Network)
  • Directory listings

In our case, we are going to be interested in registering on directories and buying links.

Focus on link buying

What he says about link buying is that Google makes no secret of its position on the practice of link buying. For the search engine, the approach is to be banned. In its Guideline it specifies that the purchase of links as well as the acquisition of artificial links are practices contrary to its principles and it is also specified that both buyers and sellers can be penalized. To counter this, Google requires publishers to add qualifying attributes to the tag with:

  • rel=”sponsored”
  • rel=”ugc”
  • rel=”nofollow”

It is the rel=”sponsored” attribute which is the most recommended whereas a few years ago it was nofollow.

Well, let’s be honest, very very few publishers respect these rules, because there is no interest on the buyer side since the link juice will not flow to their strategic pages.

End of the parenthesis on netlinking.

Back on topic !

How to improve your positioning on local queries with “Paris”?

The answer: Create links on directories! There are a large number of online directories that offer to create company files with everything you need to be well referenced! If you want to position yourself on a local query, this is one of the most effective ways.
here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Make a list of directories (preferably free)
  2. Create an account
  3. Enter your activity
  4. Enter your location in Paris
  5. Fill in a long description (minimum 300 words, make the most of the word count option)
  6. Indicate your link which points to the right page (either your satellite page targeted at Paris, or your homepage if you are well located in Paris)
  7. If you have the possibility to put a personalized link anchor you can choose an exact anchor example: SEO Paris agency. But take it easy, it wouldn’t be about getting penalized by Google (penguin filter)
  8. Repeat these steps by changing the directory platform and modifying your description text each time

Registering on directories can be long and tedious, even boring, but the result is there! Why ? Because by offering listings, directories are naturally more legitimate than an article written by a third party.

One last bonus tip?

Create your link campaigns on very “regional” themed sites on local. In Paris there are thousands of sites that talk about Paris, news, the region, culture, etc. By looking carefully, you can find partners who offer to exchange or buy links on such a site.

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