3 New Advertising Formats Unveiled!

Advertisers can now show shopping ads on TikTok by choosing from three different new TikTok Shopping Ads formats: Video Shopping Ads, Catalog Listing Ads, Live Shopping Ads.

With over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, TikTok now wants to further help e-commerce advertisers sell more through its platform.

During its “Commerce Keynote”, the Chinese social network announced the arrival of three new advertising formats dedicated to the sale of products :

  • Video Shopping Ads;
  • Catalog Listing Ads;
  • Live Shopping Ads.

Gradually available to advertisers who have uploaded their product feed to TikTok’s business center, these new TikTok ad formats will be accessible via the ” Product sales“.

Advertisers will be able to use these new shopping ads whether or not they have a TikTok Shop section associated with their TikTok account.

3 new advertising formats dedicated to Shopping via TikTok

Video Shopping Ads

Video shopping ads allow advertisers to create videos that promote a product and will be displayed on the “For you” page.

This type of TikTok ad includes a product insert at the bottom left of the video with a call to action redirecting to a product page directly hosted on TikTok.

If the user wishes, he can then be redirected to the online store associated with the product to make his purchase.

This advertising format will gradually replace Collection and Dynamic Showcase Ads by the end of 2022.

Catalog Listing Ads

Catalog ads allow advertisers to promote entire product catalogs thanks to new locations on TikTok.

These ads will not require brands to have to create advertising videos to reach their target audience, a simple product feed will suffice to start promoting their products on the platform.

This advertising format will initially only be available to advertisers present in the USA or those targeting the American market.

Live Shopping Ads

The new advertising format called ” Live Shopping Ads was specially designed to promote Live Shopping events broadcast live.

These advertisements will redirect users from the “For you” page to a live shopping event.

TikTok claims that these ads will be able to significantly drive traffic to a live shopping event by presenting it to people who are most likely to take the buying action.

How to test your new shopping ads on TikTok? What conditions?

To access shopping ads, advertisers must achieve “Tier 1” status by integrating advanced signals and linking their product catalogs to TikTok’s Business Center. TikTok offers a PDF guide that describes the whole process.

Advertisers are not required to use TikTok Shop, an in-app e-commerce solution, to serve shopping ads.

Although TikTok Shop can be used with shopping ads, advertisers will be able to redirect shoppers to an external site.

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