3 reasons to bet on this type of influencer in influencer marketing

3 reasons to bet on this type of influencer in influencer marketing

We often talk about micro and nano influencers, but do you also know macros and mega influencers? If you are at least interested in influencer marketing, chances are you are already very familiar with these terms. Here is a short presentation of this type of influencer and their concrete interests for brands, who can afford their premium influencer marketing services.

The different types of influencers:

  • Mega-influencers : they generally have more than a million followers on the networks and are often stars or long-time influencers. Their engagement rate is low, but their reach is enormous;
  • Macro-influencers : with an average of between 100,000 and 1,000,000 followers on their social networks, they generally have a very interesting engagement rate, often double that of mega influencers, and offer a very interesting ROI on the invested budget;
  • Micro-influencers : Micro influencers are often defined as influencers with between 10,000 and 100,000 followers. Their engagement rate is once again significantly higher than for mega influencers but their reach is also significantly less, they are suitable above all for brands with a lower budget in marketing influence;
  • Nano-influencers : often neglected by big brands, nano influencers generally have less than 10,000 followers and have a very high engagement and conversion rate. Their disadvantage remains their scope and the fact that it is necessary to multiply partnerships to ensure real visibility at the national level, which can quickly be very time-consuming …

3 reasons to capitalize on macros and mega influencers

  • 1- A strong impact in terms of brand awareness and credibility. If a celebrity talks about your brand or product, your credibility as well as your notoriety will only be strengthened. In addition, you maximize your chances of being relayed for free by smaller influencers and magazines who will have discovered your brand or your products via these “star influencers”.
  • 2- A strong commitment with few partnerships. The main interest of mega and macro influencers is that you do not have to make 50 partnerships for the results to be visible and measurable, ten partnerships or even months, will often, if your budget allows you, reach millions. of potential targets and generate hundreds of sales.
  • 3- An average conversion rate, but very significant potential word of mouth. Of course, mega and macro influencers are not the closest influencers to their communities and those who will allow you to target the best conversion rate, but on the volume and overall visibility generated, you will often find yourself there. A few years ago, Rihanna wore a dress from a Chinese fashion designer little known in the West, this simple publication had generated hundreds of renowned press articles and the notoriety of this designer had been increased tenfold. .

Outsource your influencer marketing campaign to a premium agency specializing in macros and mega influencers

The main problem with macros and mega influencers is that they receive hundreds of requests from brands and subscribers, which makes them, for the common marketer, quite difficult to access.

When we talk about premium influencer marketing like this, the best is often to outsource the campaigns to specialized agencies (like Okev Agency for example) which have a well established network and a strong experience in premium influencer marketing campaigns.

By subcontracting, you will save both time and you will not have all the work of negotiating the price and the conditions to manage and worry about.

Admittedly, it may cost you a little more than if you had managed everything from A to Z, but honestly, for these type of premium campaigns, it is generally not worth it. Up to you.

This article was written by LEPTIDIGITAL as part of a sponsored partnership with Okev Agency

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