3 reasons to optimize your content to answer questions

3 reasons to optimize your content to answer questions

With the rise of voice searches and questions asked to virtual assistants, optimizing your website and its content to be able to answer both short and long questions appears more and more as an axis of development of non-SEO traffic. negligible for websites, whatever they are. Here are 3 reasons to optimize your web content to answer questions.

1- More content in your theme hosted on your site = more direct and indirect traffic opportunities

The more frequently your site is updated with quality content related to your theme, the more you will gradually build your “authority” on the domain in the eyes of search engines.

Beyond this already positive aspect, creating content on themes sought by Internet users in connection with your activity will help you increase your organic traffic (which can then be redirected to your products / services).

Finally, if more content ultimately means more direct SEO traffic (via the long tail in particular), with a good internal network, a good site structure and a domain authority that increases over time, that’s all the site will be boosted by this content, the impact in indirect traffic will therefore only be more interesting.

2- Answering questions: a very good way to appear in position 0 in natural referencing

If you are at least interested in natural referencing, you know how interesting position 0 is from a natural traffic and visibility point of view.

As the click-through rate on this type of result is much more interesting than via a more global positioning on the first page, optimizing your site and its content to appear in featured snippets is still a very good idea in 2020.

Answering questions from Internet users in your topic, which you can for example discover via Google search suggestions or more easily via a site such as answerthepublic.com, is a very effective way of getting back to this type of setting device. before offered free of charge by Google.

3- Optimize its global referencing and its uptake in voice assistants

While being used by voice assistants as an answer to questions will not necessarily bring you more traffic and direct conversions to your site, the more voice assistants select your site, the more it will be cited orally and the more your notoriety in your theme will increase, which can have many positive indirect impacts on your organic traffic, your direct accesses and more generally your business.

Do you want to optimize your natural referencing but do not know where to start? In this case, the best is to call on specialized professionals like the SEO agency Primelis. While there are many agencies on the market, not all are created equal and it is strongly recommended that you compare before signing.

This article was written in partnership with the Primelis agency

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