3 road trips to do around the world

3 road trips to do around the world

If you follow our adventures, you know how much we love road trips. Going where we want, when we want, at our own pace, being independent is what we love most when travelling. Whether in Europe, Asia, Oceania, America or Africa, it is very easy to make a road trip. Discover 3 road trips to do around the world as well as some tips for a successful road trip.

3 road trips to do around the world

Discover Australia on a road trip

When we talk about road trips, wide open spaces and travel, it’s hard not to think directly of Australia. It is, in my opinion, THE country that can be discovered on a road trip. Due to its size, its distances and its remoteness from France, Australia is an ideal destination for a road trip. Hire a van or motorhome and set off on an adventure on the Australian roads. A road trip that combines big cities, nature, wide open spaces, surfing and animals. Whatever the itinerary of your road trip in Australia, you are bound to be amazed.

Australians are the kings of camping and road tripping. Everything is done there for motorhomes and vans: paid and free campsites, many facilities for cooking and washing, good reception of travelers … Add to that Australians always ready to help you and you get a road unforgettable trip.

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Be careful, however, to check the season of your road trip in Australia. Indeed, due to its size, the good times to travel are not the same depending on where you are in Australia. East Coast from September to December, Coast West April to June and September – October or Tasmania from December to March.

Unusual road trip to do around the world: Sri Lanka by tuk tuk

You will not find a more unusual road trip to do around the world than to travel around Sri Lanka in a tuk tuk. This modern version of the rickshaw and cycle rickshaw is a light transport vehicle. Very popular in many countries around the world, especially in Asia. It is possible to rent, especially in Sri Lanka, this motorized tricycle. An original means of transport that will allow you to blend in and discover Sri Lanka like a local. Due to its shape, it is easy to make a varied and complete itinerary for traveling in Sri Lanka by tuk tuk. You will discover cultural sites, beaches as well as cities, incredible natural places, major archaeological sites or even national parks. Without forgetting elephants which are very numerous in Sri Lanka and unforgettable encounters with Sri Lankans.

sri lanka tuk tuk

More than a road trip, it’s a real adventure that awaits you if you choose to travel in Sri Lanka by tuk tuk.

The western United States on a road trip

valley drive monument valley

If there is a mythical road trip to do in the United States, it is in the West of the country. With a departure and an arrival in cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles or Las Vegas, this road trip will not leave you indifferent. You are guaranteed to discover exceptional national parks such as Yellowstone, Yosemite, Zion or even Bryce Canyon. To ride legendary roads like Route 66. And even see places you’ve seen on TV like Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon and the Grand Canyon.

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For a road trip in the Western United States, it is not necessarily necessary to rent a motorhome or a van. A car is enough. There are many motels and hotels near the tourist spots. And in big cities, it’s much easier to get around. Finally, you can take your road trip in the Western United States at any time of the year. Whether in summer, winter, spring or autumn, you will keep unforgettable memories.

A few tips for a successful road trip

Check your driver’s license eligibility

While it’s easy to go on a road trip, it’s also easy to completely miss your road trip. And this for many reasons. The first thing to do before going on a road trip is to check the eligibility of your driving license in the country in which you will be driving. Indeed, our French driving license is not sufficient in all countries of the world.

Everything you need to know about the international driving license

In this case, in addition to the French driving license, you must have an international driving license. The latter is the translation of your driving license into a language that your destination country understands. It is often required by car rental companies and frequently requested by traffic authorities if you present your foreign driving licence. The application for the international permit is to be made before departure on the trip. The PCI can be obtained through the site Public service. This will take a few weeks or a few months depending on the volume of requests. Otherwise, you can get an unofficial translation of your application for international permit very quickly through International Drivers Association.

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Choose a vehicle suitable for your road trip

Once the driver’s license question has been answered, it is important to choose the right vehicle for the road trip. Rather car, motorcycle, motorhome, van, … The types of vehicles are numerous. The size of the vehicle is really to be taken into account because the larger the vehicle, the less easy it will be to drive and park in cities.

Prepare your itinerary but not too much

The choice of vehicle will certainly be a selection criterion for the road trip. It is also necessary to define a road trip itinerary to do around the world taking into account the distances. A route that allows you to set a daily distance not to be exceeded. History finally not to spend hours driving without having time to visit, to land and enjoy the trip. However, who says road trip, says freedom, so prepare your itinerary but not too much. Leave yourself a little leeway to leave room for the unexpected.

Finally, so as not to get lost during your road trip, I advise you to download the mobile application Maps.me. A GPS that provides offline maps, to download before, around the world. Maps.me helps you in your travels whether by vehicle, on foot, by bicycle and even by public transport in certain cities. Impossible to lose your road trip with this GPS which does not require an internet connection.

And you, which country would you like to discover on a road trip? Which of these 5 road trips around the world interests you the most?

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