3 tips for success on Facebook Ads in 2021

Are you a community manager, social media manager, traffic manager or more broadly in charge of Facebook ads for one or more sites? Here are 3 tips to optimize your Facebook advertising campaigns in 2021.

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1- Invest more in retargeting campaigns thanks to the Facebook pixel

If you’re a digital professional, you’ve probably heard of the Facebook pixel. Concretely, this script to be installed on a website allows you, after configuration, to retarget Internet users who have visited specific pages of your site via Facebook retargeting campaigns.

Thus, an Internet user who has, for example, consulted a product page of an e-commerce site without having consulted the thank you page (which is displayed once payment has been confirmed) can be retargeted on Facebook via a dedicated advertisement which will have for The goal is to encourage them to come back to the site to finalize their purchase by presenting, for example, how this product in question is ideal for them (via a demonstration video, the presentation of a sales pitch, etc.).

These campaigns generally offer a better return on investment than targeting campaigns pure, although the two types are complementary.

2- Monitor the advertising formats of your competitors

facebook ads library
Overview of Facebook Ads Library

Did you know that there is a simple way to monitor the ad formats that are served on Facebook by its competitors? With Facebook Ads Library, you have access to many examples of advertisements currently served by many companies, including your competitors.

Beyond the competitive intelligence that you can do with this free tool, these examples can also be used to optimize your ads, your teasers and your formats.

3- Set up A / B tests of Facebook advertising campaigns

When you have a Facebook Ads budget of several hundred dollars, to be sure that you spend it correctly, the ideal is to perform A / B tests to identify the variants that will offer you the best return on investment.

These A / B tests can be of several types:

  • A / B test target audiences. This type of A / B test is relevant to identify the most suitable targeting criteria for your products or services.
  • A / B test hooks. A / B testing your hooks may seem obvious, but a few lines can make all the difference in terms of click-through and conversion rates.
  • A / B test advertising formats. Carousel, link, video, image, you hesitate between the different advertising formats offered by Facebook? To find the most effective for you and your audience, the best is to test them one by one.
  • A / B test landing pages. A / B testing advertising formats is good, but testing to redirect to different landing pages is also crucial to optimize the entire user’s journey.

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