30 examples of successful Instagram stories

30 examples of successful Instagram stories

Every day, 500 million users interact with stories on Instagram. This ephemeral publication format has become essential to integrate into its social media strategy. Available only for 24 hours, Instagram stories make it possible to highlight the DNA of brands by sharing information or simply moments in the life of the company with the goal of engaging the audience.

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There are different themes to use to publish stories. Here are 30 examples of successful Instagram stories to inspire you.

Examples of backstage stories

The backstage stories aim to show behind the scenes. This is a great way to bond with the audience.

This type of story is very popular with users of the Instagram platform, because it allows brands to be more humanized.


Among the examples of backstage Instagram stories, the French e-commerce site Sarenza readily lends itself to the game by showing behind the scenes of some of its shootings.

Sarenza story example


The ready-to-wear brand Sézane also very often shares the backstage of the photo shoots it carries out for its new collections.

Instagram story example

L’Oreal Paris Makeup

During major events such as the very famous Cannes Film Festival, the emblematic cosmetics brand L’Oréal Paris likes to share stories throughout the event of the preparation of the stars. A great way to bring this event to life from the inside for your audience.

L'Oréal Instagram story example


The Zalando e-commerce platform has also been tempted by the publication of backstage-type stories. During the photo shoot for its new capsule collection in collaboration with Viktor & Rolf, the brand shared a few stories with its loyal Internet users to show behind the scenes.

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Zalando instagram story example


Luxury brands like Dior are also tempted by backstage stories to highlight the unfolding of their haute couture fashion shows. This is a great way to share these usually very closed events.

Dior instagram story example

Examples of educational stories

The main goal of educational stories is to inform and help Internet users by sharing information about a product, the benefits of an ingredient, a highlight of a production technique or even key figures of a cause. defended by the brand.


The B2B company HubSpot educates its target via its Instagram stories by providing feedback on certain TED conferences. A good way to introduce inspiring personalities to your audience.

Hubspot instagram story example

Venus and Gaia

In its educational stories, the mulberry silk accessories brand Venus et Gaïa, informs its subscribers of all the benefits that silk brings to skin and hair.

example of Instagram Story Venus and gaia

Aroma Zone

Aromazone, a benchmark in the marketing of natural ingredients for cosmetics, regularly publishes educational stories in which the brand informs its audience about the benefits of certain ingredients such as essential oils. In addition to that, their stories contain tips for better using the products.

example of Instagram story Aroma zone

Good mouth

The Bonne Gueule men’s ready-to-wear brand teaches users about the origin and method of dyeing their Selvedge jeans. Thanks to the educational stories, the brand also highlights the advantages of Selvedge denim.

Instagram story example Good mouth

Marcel et Fils Bio

Marcel et Fils regularly offers informative stories on the benefits of the ingredients found in some of their products. In this example of an educational Instagram story, Marcel et Fils advocates the benefits of matcha to its Internet users.

example of instagram story Marcel et fils

Examples of survey stories

The story survey is a great tool for engaging the audience. Very useful for conducting marketing surveys, this type of story also allows you to give importance to the audience by showing them that their opinion counts.

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From time to time, Buffer posts polls in his Stories. This example highlights a survey which, in addition to engaging the target, also invites them to come and see the results the next day.

Buffer instagram story example


Airbnb also uses surveys like in this example story to communicate with its users which makes the health obligations of rental companies more fun.

Air bnb instagram story example

House of the world

Maison du Monde regularly publishes surveys to find out the tastes of its audience in terms of interior and exterior decoration.

example of Instagram story Maison du monde


Asos occasionally publishes surveys in which the audience must choose between two products or two looks marketed on the e-commerce site.

Asos instagram story example

Beautiful and organic

The brand of natural cosmetics Belle & Bio publishes certain surveys for information purposes which allow to teach new concepts to its audience.

Belle et Bio instagram story example

Examples of tutorial stories

Tutorial stories aim to teach users to achieve certain things. This can be for the use of a product or a recipe. This type of story makes it possible to complete a service offering by offering free content with high added value.


Nocibé regularly offers tutorials to learn how to use the products sold by the brand. Stories usually feature a person testing a product and explaining how to get the best results.

Nocibe instagram story example


Clarins publishes stories in which can be found food recipes that are good for your health and inner beauty.

Clarins instagram story example

Mac Cosmetics

Mac offers simple story tutorials that explain how to make make-up and looks with the products that the brand sells.

example of Instagram Story Mac cosmetics

Hello body

Hello Body offers in some of its stories examples of skin routines to adopt. The tutorials take place in stages most often via photos of products.

Hello Body instagram story example

Waam Cosmetics

Waam offers cosmetic recipes to be made with the different products it sells. In this example Instagram story, the brand offers a makeup remover recipe that can be made from jojoba oil.

Waam instagram story example

Examples of repost stories

The repost story aims to re-publish the photos taken by a brand’s customers. This kind of story is perfect for demonstrating a brand’s interest in customer feedback.

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Whether they are posts, stories or photos mentioning the brand’s hashtag, the Starbucks account regularly re-posts the content of its customers.

Starbucks instagram story example


On its Instagram account, Audi has a permanent story that it frequently feeds by re-sharing the publications of its customers.

Audi instagram story example

Pulp of Life

The Marseillaise cosmetics brand Pulpe de Vie also has a story pinned to the front page in which it re-shares the photos that its customers send to it.

Instagram story example Pulpe de vie


The French brand Jacquemus re-shares the Instagram posts of certain influencers who wear its products as a story.

Jacquemus instagram story example

The Redoubt

La Redoute very frequently distributes the looks that certain subscribers have created from its catalog. In this example Instagram story, the brand re-shared an outfit with the theme “boyish attitude”.

example of Instagram Story The Redoubt

Examples of exclusive offer stories

Exclusive offer stories allow you to communicate about promotional events quickly while reaching a large number of people. Examples of Exclusive Offer Instagram Stories include giveaways, promo codes, and discounts.


The American ready-to-wear brand J.Crew uses Instagram stories to communicate on some of its promotional operations.

example of Instagram Story Jcrew


Nike is one of the brands that promote contests via Instagram stories. This example shows the announcement of a competition for the co-creation of the design of a pair of shoes.

example Instagram Story Jcrew

Urban outfitters

Urban Outfitters has a featured story that brings together all the exclusive offers put in place by the brand.

example story instagram Urban outfitters

Maxi Zoo France

Maxi Zoo France also shares its offers via its Instagram stories. Recently, the brand has promoted its offers for St. Nicholas Day.

Maxi zoo instagram story example

Balzac Paris

Balzac Paris organizes an Instagram story advent calendar. Every day, his audience can try their luck to win a prize.

example of Instagram Story Balzac

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