360° communication: definition, tools and advantages

Communication 360 : pictogramme des outils de communication

But the term ” 360° communications is nothing new in the world of marketing. This concept quickly gained momentum with the development of digital tools such as the Internet and mobiles. But what does this concept mean and what exactly is it? Discover 360° communication in this article.

What is 360° communication?

360° communication or global communication consists of mobilizing all available communication channels to reach your target audience. It is a multi-channel strategy in which ads are distributed through traditional and digital communication mediums.

This communication strategy also involves participation in various events such as fairs and exhibitions. Thus, 360 degree communication leverages all available communication channels to optimize brand visibility.

360° communication tools

The particularity of a 360° communication lies in the use of multiple communication tools to reach prospects and customers. This encompasses all of the company’s stakeholders. The on-line (exp: online newspaper) and the off-line (exp: printed weekly) are both taken into account.

This includes :

  • website
  • natural referencing (SEO)
  • visual identity and graphic charter
  • e-mailing
  • social media
  • digital marketing
  • television, radio
  • press relations
  • flyers, brochures and brochures
  • Business cards and flyers
  • and fairs, exhibitions and launch parties…
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However, adopting a 360° communication strategy does not mean “using all communication channels without thinking”. Each channel must be chosen according to the image of the brand, its target and the message to be transmitted.

For example, La maison Dior will not publish ads on Le Bon Coin.

The benefits of 360 degree communication

Global communication has many advantages for the company. Among its many advantages, we can mention:

1. Total visibility

360° communication uses all areas of communication to optimize your visibility, increase your notoriety and promote your business.

Indeed, 360-degree communication consists of positioning yourself on all fronts to ensure that you reach your customers. This gives increased visibility to your brand, products and services.

2. Increase in sales

With 360° communication, you are sure to reach your target.

This promotes increased sales. For example, a company that has both a physical store and an e-commerce site will make far more sales than one that only has a physical store.

You can combine SEO and SEA with email marketing to drive traffic to your site. At the same time, you can use the power of location-based SMS to attract customers to your store.

The 360° approach ensures that you use the best communication for your objectives. As soon as you use several well-chosen levers, increasing sales and improving your figure are inevitable.

3. A better relationship with customers

By positioning yourself on several channels, you offer your customers more ways to reach you.

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Each customer will be able to use the most suitable medium to communicate with your brand, which will improve their experience with your company. In reality, a company that uses different channels will have more ease in building customer loyalty than one that limits itself to communication by email.

How to set up a 360° communication?

To be effective, the 360° communication strategy must be coherent and well organized.

This requires a good knowledge of your targets. You must therefore start by determining the ones you want to achieve and identify the objectives of your communication. This will lead to a selection of suitable channels and media for communication.

Note that the communication media to use also depend on your budget. You then need to define the message and develop a communication plan to deliver it. This step calls for a good knowledge of the target, in particular its needs, expectations and habits.

Finally, you should continually evaluate the results of your communication using performance indicators. The number of clicks on your ads, the opening rate of your emails or the number of views on your videos are examples.

In reality, your 360° strategy must be optimized over time to remain effective.

It must continually adapt to your objectives and to the new communication media available. This is why it is recommended to call on a global communication agency capable of effectively monitoring your communication actions.

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To conclude

360° communication seems to be essential for any company wishing to be successful and stand out from the competition.

It consists of exploiting all possible communication channels to develop your brand image. This is undoubtedly the best communication option to achieve your goals. But for it to work, it is essential to manage it in a coherent and thoughtful way.

Why adopt 360° communication?

360 degree communication has many benefits including the promise of:

• promoting the brand,
• increasing its visibility,
• increase in sales,
• and improving customer relations.

All this translates into growth in the company’s turnover.

What is the origin of 360° communication?

360° communication is part of the approach of integrated marketing communication (CMI).

The latter effectively and coherently integrates all thecommunication media of a brand. Its goal is to obtain a good knowledge of all the processes to lead the customer to buy.

How to set up a 360 degree communication strategy?

To create a 360° communication strategyyou must understand your target, define clear objectives, create impactful messages and make sure to use the right media for your targets.

This takes time, money and human resources. The best option is therefore to delegate this to our 360° communication agency. We will develop and manage your communication strategy in an optimal way!

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