3rd beta RC, the final is long overdue

3rd beta RC, the final is long overdue

Last Tuesday, Apple released new versions for iOS 14, tvOS 14 and watchOS 7. For macOS Big Sur, no final version of version 11. 2 in beta test for several weeks was to be eaten. The Cupertino company seems to be facing unforeseen malfunctions or not detected until then, since the Mac OS in the latest version has been declined not in one, nor even in two, but in three beta Release Candidate. The beta Release Candidate stage, as we recall, normally precedes the release of the final version of a software.

Yesterday evening indeed, the testers were thus entitled to a 3rd RC version of macOS 11.2 beta. As usual, Apple did not mention the changes and / or improvements proposed by this update. Know in any case that macOS 11.2 in final version should really not delay, a 4th version Release Candidate seems very unlikely, so we are betting on an release of the update intended for the general public this week again, even in Begining of the next week.

MacOS version 11.2 will offer the following fixes, in addition to improving Bluetooth efficiency:

  • External displays may display a black screen when connected to a Mac mini M1 (2020) via an HDMI / DVI adapter
  • Apple ProRAW format photo edits are not always saved in the Photos app
  • iCloud Drive may stop working after disabling the option to backup Desktop and Documents folder
  • System Preferences may not open even after entering the administrator password
  • The Globe key may not display the character viewer (symbols and emojis)
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Find the list of changes made by iOS 14.4 here.

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