4 inexpensive and very Mexican recipes with ground beef

4 recetas económicas y muy mexicanas con carne molida

Ground beef is a popular ingredient in Mexican cuisine. Discover 4 creative and accessible recipes to plan the menus of the week

Ground beef is a good source of protein, iron, and B vitamins.

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One of the great advantages of Mexican cuisine is his delicious taste and immense versatility, it is fascinating to see how with few elements they are created very nutritious and satisfying dishes. While there are many local ingredients that take an important place when preparing Mexican food as is the case of the chili peppers, seasonal vegetables, herbs and spices. When we talk about proteins ground beef occupies a very special place in the elaboration of very traditional dishes.

The truth is that ground beef it is very easy to cook, generous, satiating and of great flexibility. One of its great qualities is its immense versatility since it can be used in any type of cooking, although it can become a Burger, pizza topping, in iconic sauces, as the star ingredient in stews and fillings, as the picadillo and the meatballs. At the same time her characteristic texture, smooth and juicy lends itself to create all kinds of combinations.

Ground beef is an extraordinary source of proteins and essential nutrients that make it the perfect ally of a balanced and healthy menu. If possible opt for the variants of lean and organic meat, that way you will get the right proportion of protein and fat (Normally the most commercial options are made with 70% lean meat and 30% fat).

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Also ground meat is a great nutritional ally with therapeutic benefits: provides quality energy to the body, is related to benefits to increase muscle mass, thanks to its content in vitamin B6 and zinc plays an important role in control of blood sugar, prevents anemia and it is good for the brain.

If you feel little creativity when using it, we present you 4 easy, rich and generous recipes to give a twist to the menus of the week. Best of all, they are accessible to any pocket and the whole family will love them.

1. Potato lasagna with ground beef

A different version of lasagna especially for the days when you have few ingredients or do you want to give the traditional pasta. The delicious potato slices are the perfect complement to the stuffed with bacon and ground beef. It is a very simple recipe that will be ready in 30 minutesAccompany with a rich salad.

2. Meatballs with chipotle broth

Mexican cuisine is very homely and full of flavors, probably one of the most iconic dishes is the meatballs that are usually bathed in different broths or sauces. One of the most traditional is that of red tomatoes with chipotle chili, it is very easy to prepare and a true delight. Simpler impossible, do not forget to accompany the meatballs with rice or beans.

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3. Macaroni with meat

Pasta and ground beef are a heavenly combination, not in vain the Bolognese sauce It is a classic around the world. These macaroni with ground beef are a wonderful alternative for days with little time to cook, it is a very satisfying, generous and comforting dish perfect for cold days. Ideal for family gatherings or dinners with friends, Accompany with steamed vegetables or mixed salad.

4. Mexican ground beef

Use ground beef as base ingredient in casseroles or Mexican stews It is most common. At the same time it is a great alternative to create chealthier and lighter combinations, as is the case with this stew that is characterized by its great mexican seasoning, it is cooked in a unique morita chili sauce and are added very popular vegetables As the tomato, cuaresmeño pepper and the famous nopales. It is perfect for weeknight meals in which we want watch the line, it is low in calories and very yielding.


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