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4 medicinal plants that improve brain function


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With this selection of adaptogenic medicinal plants it is possible to avoid the negative effects of stress on the brain, improve its functioning and cognitive health

Today more than ever we are in contact with all kinds of health and wellness trends that help us improve physical health. The consumption of whole and clean food, a healthy lifestyle, physical activity, good rest, living without so much stress and taking care of our emotions seem to be the perfect allies to gain health.

However on many occasions we forget the brain, the truth is that to achieve that it fulfills all its functions and be able to control situations that occur in the body to physical and mental levelyou need a dose of extra nutrients.

Continuous exposure to stress, bad habits, environmental toxins and other factors are associated with tiredness and a decreased brain function. These types of circumstances tend to derive in increasingly recurring conditions in the population, as is the case of concentration, memory, learning problems and inclusive states of confusion and poor clarity, What are they forceful signs about impairments and problems in brain function.

The good news is that there are medicinal plants which are direct energy to the brain, are characterized by having a adaptogenic effect that is, they help the brain to overcome stressful circumstances. These types of plants have the ability to promote balance and avoid harmful effects of stress on the body, are related to positive effects for improve memory, clarity of thought and concentration. At the same time they are characterized by increase energy and make people feel like better cheer.

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Table of Contents

1. rosemary

The rosemary it is a plant very rich in active principles and thanks to them it is considered a powerful medicinal ally. Extraordinary properties are attributed to it antiseptic, antispasmodic, flavoring, cleansing, stomach stimulant, carminative, cholagogue, (facilitates the expulsion of bile) and diuretic. Among its great qualities it is recognized as a plant of great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power, which have the peculiarity of combating the effects caused by free radicals and oxidative stress in the body. Its content in natural oils and extracts improves the mental performance and decreases the risk of cognitive decline associated with age.

Rosemary. / Photo: Rawpixel / PxHere

2. Ginseng

In the world of natural medicines, herbal medicine and herbal medicinea, ginseng is known as one of the most prominent allies for protect the brain and memory. They are also attributed great vasodilator and antiplatelet properties that keep the capillaries clean in order to achieve a better blood circulation, this favors the transport of nutrients and oxygen to the brain. In particular the siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) has the peculiarity of accelerates brain processes, what improves our reaction time and produces others mental and physical benefits.

Siberian Ginseng
Siberian Ginseng./ Photo: Shutterstock

3. Sage

Sage is one of the aromatic plantss oldest has been used centuries ago by its immense healing properties. Among its great benefits is its high antioxidant power which is associated with great health benefits, among the main ones is its ability to protect brain cells so that they are used in a good way acetylcholine. This substance is related to benefits for strengthen brain functions, intervenes in the production of neurotransmitters and improves concentration and memory.

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sage tea
Sage tea. / Photo: Shutterstock

4. Maca

Maca is a tuber originating from the highlands of Peru and Bolivia, is a carrier of a peculiar sweet taste somewhat like caramel. And it is a highly valued ingredient in naturopathic medicine for its fertility benefits, however one of its great qualities for benefit brain function is because it is a powerful stress remover and also a good agent for hormonal balance. Regular consumption of maca stimulates the general brain function and provides greater mental clarity. At the same time the maca has great antioxidant properties that act in a special way on the neurotransmitters and it is a great ally for improve mood since it is energetic and revitalizing.

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Maca./Photo: Shutterstock




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