4 Official Answers to Frequently Asked Questions to Optimize Performance!

YouTube recently answered frequently asked questions about how its algorithm that manages the display of YouTube Shorts works and how they impact YouTube channels in general. Here are the key things to remember in a few questions / answers.

1- Does posting YouTube shorts have a negative impact on channels that post long videos?

According to YouTube, posting shorts does not have a negative impact on YouTube channels used to posting long videos.

After having carried out an internal analysis focusing on the channels sharing only long videos (in addition to Shorts) and those sharing both short videos and long videos, YouTube has identified that channels that publish Shorts tend to grow the fastest in audienceregardless of the length of the videos posted.

YouTube also insists that online demand for short videos is a growing trend that seems here to stay.

2- YouTube Shorts or long videos? Which format to prefer?

For YouTube, there is no ideal format: everything will depend on the target audience, the type of content shared and the affinity of the creator with this or that format. YouTube recommends that YouTubers experiment with all the different formats to see what works for them.

However, the social network recommends that creators test YouTube Shorts in order to expand their audience and hope to collect new subscribers. For example, this can involve extracting short 10-second clips from longer videos.

3- Do popular Shorts promote the recommendation of long videos from the same channel to the same audience?

Just because Shorts are popular and highly viewed doesn’t mean that the audience that has viewed these Shorts will be offered more long videos from the YouTube channel behind these short videos.

The Shorts and Longest Videos algorithm currently work independently.

According to YouTube, fans of short videos are not necessarily fans of longer formats, so they do not necessarily tend to push long videos from the same channel to the audience who have watched the Shrots of this channel.

4- Is it relevant to create a different YouTube channel exclusively reserved for Shorts?

According to YouTube, the most important thing is to group videos by audiences, whether it’s Shorts, live videos or traditional videos.

If the Shorts target the same audience as the videos usually shared on the channel, there will be no interest for the creator to separate the channels.

Conversely, if the shorts target a new audience unrelated to other videos shared by the original channel, a new channel may be relevant.

Does the number of Shorts shared by a YouTube channel have an impact on the performance possible for these Shorts?

Each Short has a chance of succeedingregardless of the YouTube channel sharing it or the number of videos shared by the latter.

The performance of a YouTube Short is mostly dictated by whether or not people choose to watch it entirely. and not to skip the video in the Shorts stream.

However, according to YouTube, audience engagement for the Shorts often builds over time, rather than happening instantly. Shorts are therefore indirectly more likely to be popular when they are relayed by accounts with an already large audience.


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