4 tips for having a good Instagram feed + examples

4 tips for having a good Instagram feed + examples

A voucher feed Instagram reflects the purpose of the content, and catches the eye to convince social network users to subscribe to the account. How to have a beautiful Instagram feed? Update on best practices and tips to know.

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How to have a beautiful Instagram feed?

When viewing an Instagram account to which he or she is or is not a subscriber, the user of the social network sees information such as name, bio or even a URL appear on the screen. Just below are the images. The user then sees all the visual content: his eye visualizes the Instagram feed as a whole, without focus on each individual photo. If the quality of the images is essential, their arrangement is also important.

To have a beautiful Instagram feed:

  1. Have quality visuals. Photo, illustration, drawing or even computer graphics: the aesthetics of each image indeed contributes to presenting a beautiful flow.
  2. Ensure the harmony of the content. It is about creating a real editorial line to present on the account a visual grid pleasing to the eye. The harmonious Instagram feed is also recognizable by the subscriber, the brand image is reinforced.
  3. Build a cohesive gallery. The content published on the Instagram account helps to convey the values ​​and image of the company, whether it is a large company, an individual entrepreneur, an artist or a influencer. A good Instagram feed should allow the user to learn more about the account holder at a glance.
  4. Organize the flow creatively. An original or at least neat Instagram feed attracts attention more easily. The user who consults the account lingers there and subscribes more willingly.
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The gallery visible on the Instagram account is ordered chronologically, according to the publication date of each image. To obtain a beautiful Instagram feed, it is therefore necessary to develop the editorial line and to think about the arrangement of the images upstream of the publication, in a global way, in a long-term vision. Planning publications on the basis of this prior work then makes the task easier.

The point on the 4 elements to consider to have a beautiful Instagram feed.

The tone of the flow

Color, black and white included, strongly permeates the Instagram feed. The eye retains the general tonality of the flow, and the choice of colors influences the overall harmony of the grid. When drawing the editorial line, it is therefore wise to define a color code.

  • From an aesthetic point of view, the tone that emerges should make the flow pleasant to watch.
  • On the business aspect, the color code must be consistent with the brand image, to represent the company faithfully and to ensure that the account is recognizable.
  • Each color causes specific emotions, it is important to take this into account with regard to the message to be conveyed.

Several possibilities when defining the tones:

  • First choice: arbitrate between images exclusively in black and white, in color or a mixture of the two.
  • On a color grid, determine the tone: pastel tones, bright colors, fluorescent or even mostly dark visuals.
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Here are 2 examples of Instagram feed with worked colors. The first comes from a photographer’s account: the flow represents the artist’s dark universe. The second, for Orangina France, uses exactly the brand’s color code for obvious marketing purposes.

black and white instagram feed

colorful instagram feed

Editorial style

Before posting photos on Instagram, it’s common to rework them. The use of a filter, in particular, is widespread. In this case, it is recommended to use a single filter for all photos. In this way, the overall visual rendering is unified, and therefore more harmonious. Many Instagram accounts also use borders or frames: this trick also allows you to gain harmony, as long as you use the same border or the same frame for each visual. The proof is with the example of the Instagram feed of the Michel et Augustin account, which has chosen to unify the format of its publications with a unique framework that is representative of its brand image.

instagram feed with frame

The content of the Instagram feed

Photos, infographics, videos, drawings or any other type of visual: an Instagram feed can be made up of multiple contents. The company necessarily chooses to publish content that serves its economic interests, and that meet the expectations of its subscribers. Anyway, it is important to work on the consistency and harmony of all the content, which is visualized as a whole on the feed. Many Instagram accounts have varied content that is consistent and harmonious. This involves alternating the types of visuals from one publication to another.

Example: Post an infographic with text or a quote every Monday, a photo every Wednesday, and a video on Sunday. Rhythm is crucial for having a great feed. A tip for optimal rendering: alternate types of visuals in a geometric manner.

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Instagram feed geometry

The flow appears on the screen in the form of a grid, with 3 visuals per line. It is possible to use this succession of lines to form a very impactful assembly, which attracts attention.

  • Line feed: the 3 images on the same line display the same type of content, and each line displays a different type of content. Example: the home chef publishes 3 recipes, then 3 photos of the dishes, then 3 infographics to deliver his tips. The row layout helps to tell a story.
  • The feed by columns: same principle, with a readability which is not horizontal but vertical. To achieve this result, it suffices to plan the publications in alternation of 3. Example: the fashion designer publishes a sketch, then a photo, then a quote, and repeats this rhythm. The arrangement in columns gives rhythm to the flow.
  • The puzzle: the organization of visuals is more complex, but the result is very aesthetic. Arranged in a puzzle, the visuals do not necessarily have meaning if taken individually. It is the whole that forms an image. It is about taking a photo and “cutting” it into several pieces, to publish so that the puzzle is formed. Here’s an example of an Instagram feed that uses the puzzle:

feed instagram puzzle

Diagonal or checkered: other geometric combinations exist to create a beautiful flow.

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