4 tips from the CDC to celebrate Halloween safely

Mascarillas y dulces en bolsas son algunas recomendaciones de los CDC para tener un Halloween seguro.

We are already in October and thousands of people they are already eager to celebrate Halloween, one of the most popular traditions, not only in America but also in other countries.

However, last year, the coronavirus pandemic changed all the celebration plans; millions of people were forced to spend this holiday at home, leaving their costumes in closets and giving up going out on the streets to give or receive sweets.

But everything seems to indicate that the outlook has changed a bit thanks to the fact that in recent weeks there has been a considerable decrease worldwide in the rate of infections and deaths from Covid-19, thanks to vaccines and also because health recommendations they continue to run and form part of our day to day.

That is why recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) They have given good news: in 2021 the Halloween celebrations return, yes, following all the health advice to the letter.

For all those who are eager to enjoy Halloween again, the CDC released a series of recommendations to do so safely and avoid catching the virus, which we listed below.

The recommendations given by the CDC for you to celebrate Halloween this year

1) Avoid go to massive or excessively crowded parties.

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2) Do not forget to go out to the streets or to private events with a mask. It doesn’t matter that you wear a costume; Keep in mind that the masks that have any of these are not enough to prevent the spread of the virus. The only ones who are exempt from using them are children under 2 years of age or those who have breathing problems should not wear masks.

3) This year you can give and receive sweets. The only thing that is recommended is that people make individual bags with these or wrap them in plastic and then place them on tables that are outdoors so that everyone can take them.

4) Follow the daily guidelines of social distancing properly, avoid contact and wash your hands well.

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