4 very Mexican burrito recipes to enjoy on the weekend

4 recetas de burritos muy mexicanos para disfrutar el fin de semana

Burritos are a casual meal that is very representative of Mexican cuisine. They are an uncomplicated, coarse, delicious and very versatile dish

Delicious and creative ideas to enjoy a very Mexican burrito.

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Weekends are to be enjoyed and it is completely valid to indulge ourselves by fulfilling some cravings in a balanced way. If you are a lover of Mexican Kitchen you probably love them the burritos, they are a very traditional dish, delicious, satisfying and very accessible to the pocket.

The burritos are made primarily with a large wheat flour tortilla What is it rolled into a cylindrical shape with rich and very diverse fillings. Probably one of its greatest benefits is due to the nobility of combinations that can be created, not in vain today we have all kinds of variants at hand.

The burritos they are the perfect craving for enjoy the weekend, without the need of cook very elaborate. They are easy to prepare and you can create very original versions integrating your favorite ingredients. Best of all, they are one complete and nutritious food, have the great advantage of being a great vegetarian alternative or you can integrate your favorite proteins: chicken, meat, fish or shrimp and egg are the most commonly used sources.

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Table of Contents

1. Drowned burrito

The perfect recipe for lovers of meat and intense flavors. It is a very Mexican version of burrito and full of personality, this is due to its hearty stuffing with ground beef, bacon, and beans. It is a very generous dish since is complemented with guacamole and rice, without a doubt the perfect final detail is to bathe it in a unbeatable mexican sauce roasted tomatoes and chili peppers.

2. Buffalo chicken burrito with avocado

The chicken is the star ingredient in all kinds of burrito recipes, it is a healthy protein source, low fat and a fairly neutral flavor that lends itself to create all kinds of combinations. This recipe will quickly become one of your favorites includes: juicy buffalo chicken strips, a layer of refried beans, avocado and Manchego cheese. They are a great alternative to snack for meetings with friends and family.

3. Pumpkin burrito

One of the great qualities of burritos is their immense versatility, are the perfect dish to create delicious vegetarian versions. For the days with few ingredients in the refrigerator or just for those occasions when you want eat something lighter, these burritos stuffed with zucchini a la mexicana are the perfect healthy alternative.

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4. Thai chicken burrito

A version of the most original and exquisite, without a doubt a great alternative for a different spin on the classic versions of chicken burritos. The sauce with which it is accompanied is a true delight with sweet and sour touches and orientalyes, the perfect complement are the fresh and colorful vegetables with which it is accompanied.


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