409 cars for the Civil Guard: electric will soon arrive

409 cars for the Civil Guard: electric will soon arrive

The Civil Guard adds these days to its fleet a total of 409 new vehicles. It represents the largest delivery of patrol vehicles to the Benemérita in 2021. The new cars are added to the 360 ​​that have also been acquired during this fiscal year and are already being used. And be careful, because there are still about 800 vehicles to be delivered.

During 2021 they will be more than 1,500 new vehicles the Corps is going to count on, a figure much higher than in recent years. Of the total number of vehicles received these days at the Civil Guard depot in Loeches (Madrid), 350 come from the Civil Guard budgets. The remaining 59 are in charge of the budgets of the Secretary of State for Security.

Among the models we can find Citroën C4 Spacetourer, Citroën C4, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and Toyota Land Cruiser. The Citroën C4 stands out, which, as you know, is assembled in the Madrid factory of the Stellantis Group, in Villaverde. Also Spanish is the C4 Spacetourer, which is assembled in the company’s Vigo factory.

For the Citroën C4, the Civil Guard has opted for the 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine with 130 hp of power. Regarding the level of finish, we talk about the intermediate Feel. Its price in the market with this mechanism is around 18,000 euros. Adding the vehicle patrol kit, the final figure is close to 20,000 euros.

409 cars for the Civil Guard: electric will soon arrive

The kit includes the vehicle decoration, the different controls for signals and sirens, the transmitter and other specific equipment. If you are curious, you can find out more about the price by taking a look at the Civil Guard supply contracts. You will find them on the state contracting platform and just do a few simple calculations.

Electric cars will soon arrive at the Civil Guard

Not even the Civil Guard fleet is spared from electrification. To the current hybrid vehicles like the RAV4 will soon be added 100% electric cars. This was recently pointed out by the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, and the Minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera.

Total, 5,800 electric vehicles and 3,300 charging points they will reach the National Police and the Civil Guard. The great beneficiaries will be the 1,292 Civil Guard barracks, since this measure seeks «bring green technologies closer to rural areas, where most of the barracks benefiting from the investment are located«.

409 cars for the Civil Guard: electric will soon arrive

An investment that involves a whopping 172 million euros budget only on vehicles. An additional 16 million euros will be earmarked for charging points. In the words of the Ministry of the Interior, these vehicles will represent 47% of the total budget of the National Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan for these organizations.

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