5 common dressings that put you on weight and you probably didn’t know it

5 aderezos comunes que te suben de peso y probablemente no lo sabías

Dressings are the perfect ally to dress and fill salads with flavor. Know which are the most caloric and rich in fat, take care of your health and body weight by avoiding them

Creamy dressings are often high in calories, fat, and low in nutritional value. It is always better to use olive oil, vinegar, mustard and lemon.

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Salads are a fundamental food in any healthy diet, they are characterized by being light, fresh, abundant and the best ally to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables and lose weight. They are a dish of immense versatility, can be created all kinds of combinations in which fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts are usually integrated. The dressings They are a essential element in any salad they are a basic for season and enhance the flavors.

The truth is many times we consume dressings that we consider healthy and in reality they are not. Much of the secret to obtain all the benefits that it offers us integrate salads into your daily diet lies in keeping them light, rich in nutrients and above all low calorie. The reality is that today the salad offer is immense, However various nutritionists agree that one of the most common mistakes is adding all kinds of ingredients that make them highly caloric and what is healthy is forgotten.

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That is why when we want lose weight It is important monitor the type of dressings I consumes, avoid using commercial variants and choose homemade preparations. Industrial dressings can be creamy and delicious, yet they stand out for their high in sodium, saturated fat, additives, flavorings and conservatives; at the same time they are highly caloric. Know the 5 variants of toppings to avoid, remember that the best option is to make them at home with quality ingredients and low in calories.

1. Dressings made with mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a sauce that is cold emulsify the point is that it is made from whole egg and vegetable oil. Although its use is a great complement to fill various dishes with flavor and texture, mayonnaise is rich in calories, is associated with a high fat content and no nutritional value, and is generally a food that promotes weight gain. Just a tablespoon of mayonnaise provides 95 calories, if we add to this the use of other slightly light ingredients the end result is a caloric sauce.

2. Blue cheese dressings

This is probably one of the most popular dressings and used not only in salads, but also in snacks, sandwiches and main dishes. However, although its flavor is delicious, it is characterized by being a sauce rich in fat and calories. They stand out for being made with egg yolks, buttermilk, cheese and cream; just two tablespoons provide 140 calories, pretty much the same as the salad itself. Remember that the consumption of fats with vegetables is essential, otherwise the body does not absorb the fat correctly. fat soluble vitamins as the D, E and K. That is why the healthiest recommendation will always be the use of extra virgin olive oil, is one of the best sources of healthy fats, low in calories and full of medicinal benefits.

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3. Dressing with chipotle

This type of dressing is very common to fill with flavor numerous dishes, however they are made based on mayonnaise or cream and again this makes them rich in calories. On the other hand, they are usually enriched with a lot of sodium that is related to fluid retention and blood pressure problems, at the same time they can have in their composition of high fructose corn syrup, which stands out for being a substance that deteriorates health and when consumed in excess is derived in chronic diseases. On the other hand, its fat content is associated with an increase in waist measurements. The best alternative is to make it at home with Natural chipotle peppers, low-calorie cream and skim.

4. Thousand island dressing

Probably the Thousand Islands Dressing is one of the most famous internationally, it is delicious and the typical companion of salads, meats, fish and seafood. It is made with mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles, hard boiled egg, onion, hot sauce, salt, pepper and parsley, what happens is that in its processed versions it stands out for its high content in sodium, added sugars and additives that are related to negative health effects. All this makes it an enemy of the metabolism since it makes it much more deficient and slow, which results in possible weight gain, bloating, and fluid retention.

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5. Dressings with ketchup

The ketchup It’s one of the most used condiments in the world and it is considered an essential complement in many fast food dishes. The truth is that it is a artificial sauce containing high levels of high fructose corn syrup, which in high quantities is derived in various cardiovascular diseases. It is a sauce that contains close to 12% of total solids of tomato, vinegar, salt and sugars. Avoid products that contain it and better look for recipes to make it at home or opt for the organic and natural variants. its high sugar content negatively affects weight and health.


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