5 examples of successful career sites (+ tips for yours)


The career site is increasingly used by small and medium-sized businesses. This web page allows future employees to learn about job offers and also to immerse themselves in the history of the company. The career site not only brings advantages to its creator, but also to the candidates who consult it.

What is a career site?

A career site represents a web page of a site whose main objective is to bring together the job offers of a company as well as its news. It allows people looking for a job to have direct access to all the ads published by the targeted company. In general, the career site can be consulted directly on the company’s website.

The career site has certain interests for the company that created it. Indeed, offering a career site to the public automatically generates an increase in visibility. Since the job offers are all grouped together in the same place, this considerably avoids any risk of browsing on different platforms to consult the advertisements. With the career site, all the important and verified information is there.

In addition, the career site represents a real gateway for candidates. Whether they know the company or whether it is unknown to them, the career site allows them to discover it through its history, its news and its job offers.

5 examples of attractive career sites

The company offering a career site therefore makes it possible to highlight its employer brand, and therefore to meet candidates interested in the values ​​and history of the company.

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1. Slack

5 examples of successful career sites

Taking a look at Slack’s career site is a healthy dose of creativity and clarity. Here is an extremely well designed career site at the ergonomic level. Job offers are easily accessible and it is possible to select and sort them according to different filters (type of position, location, contract, etc.). The values ​​of the company are clearly expressed to the candidates as well as the advantages offered to them.

2. Michael and Augustine

michel and augustin careers website

The Michel et Augustin brand makes its career site play on humor and sympathy. The entry message is rather communicative and immediately immerses future candidates in the atmosphere of the company. The photo in the welcome banner suggests a dynamic and friendly team. Ads are searchable by title and can be sorted by location.

3. Evernote

evernote career site

The Evernote career site has the particularity of directly promoting candidates by arriving on the site with a very explicit message. A nice highlight of their values. A clear and precise list of all the advantages of working with Evernote is described in the presentation, which will appeal to candidates. The web page is fluid and colorful. Vacancies are displayed according to the different departments and it is possible to apply different search filters.

4. Crossroads

crossroads career site

Carrefour offers a good example of an optimized and fluid career site for candidates. All the essential elements are present: a presentation of employees accompanied by photos, testimonials, a complete “News” section updated daily, etc. Candidates even have access to a quiz to find out which jobs best match their profile.

5. Lactalis

lactalis career site

The Lactalis Group is a very good example of a fluid and dynamic career site. It includes the essential elements for a successful career site. Visitors can learn the story that gave birth to Lactalis as well as the values ​​that define the brand. The site explicitly announces the many advantages reserved for future employees in complete transparency. All of the businesses are presented as well as the group’s various locations. Videos, photos and testimonials also complete a whole series of news on Lactalis.

Tips for a successful career website

To make a success of your career site, it is above all important to present the company to visitors and future candidates. This section thus makes it possible to create a strong link as soon as the candidates arrive on the site. It is normal for them to want to know their future employer perfectly, so it is essential to give them as much information as possible on:

  • company history
  • the creators
  • customers
  • the different positions in the company
  • its news
  • etc

It can also be very valuable to present all the employees already working within the company. A short and simple description of each establishes a climate of sympathy and conviviality.

Sharing the company’s history allows candidates to get to know it, but the career site must go even further by highlighting its values. By clearly setting out these, candidates will be able to identify themselves or not with the company’s principles. It is essential today to ensure cohesion between the company and its future employees.

These are the principles and a shared ethic that will allow the company to stand out and attract its candidates. A career site is therefore an excellent tool for transmitting its values, both in the way of writing the content on the site and the tone used.

A successful career site should also offer an overview of a typical day at the company. Candidates are curious and like to project themselves, so directing them to a blog post or a section presenting a typical day can be a trigger. Do not hesitate to insert photos, or even videos to make this presentation of the daily life of an employee for example. This is to offer a real immersion to the future candidate.

It is also important for a career site to know how to properly present its job offers. Indeed, a candidate arriving on this section of the company’s site and not having easy access to offers will leave directly. It is therefore essential to properly arrange the page from an ergonomic and design point of view so that visitors can easily spot the interesting ads that correspond to them. It should also be noted that a career site must be responsive, that is to say available on smartphones.

Wrap up

The primary interest of a career site is to attract candidates to apply for company announcements. To do this, another important tip to make the site attractive is to make it alive. A poorly designed career site filled with endless texts does not attract future employees for very long. So that it is active, you can insert videos depicting the daily life of the company, photos of employees at work, in meetings or even in festive moments within the company. The blog as well as the “News” section must be updated regularly if not daily. A lively and dynamic company will undeniably be more successful than an aging, unattractive company.

A career site is a great opportunity for differentiation for a company and quite simple to set up. It makes it possible to communicate on the values ​​of this one, to propose to the candidates all the job offers to be filled, but also offers visibility and credibility to the company.

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