5 foods nutritionists eat for dessert

5 alimentos que los nutriólogos comen para el postre

Finishing a delicious meal with a rich dessert is part of a balanced life. Learn about the sweet delights that even nutritionists occasionally enjoy

Delicious and light desserts to enjoy the sweetness of life and take care of the line.

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Eating a balanced diet is the best way to take care of the weight and prevent diseases. The nutrition and quality of the food we eat significantly influences the state of health of each personHowever, being healthy is a concept that depends on many questions: the level of physical activity, stress, what we eat, what we feel and what we think, everything is connected.

The truth is living in balance is the key to well-being and happiness, considering that eating is one of the life’s greatest pleasures; it would be quite illogical not to enjoy a delicious dessert occasionally.

Finish a delicious meal with something sweet is considered a good habit causesl, which is even related to benefits since prevents us from overeating and above all it is very useful for eliminate anxiety about eating. With this in mind there are some infallible dessert recommendations that even the best nutritionists enjoy, here five sweet ideas.

1. Chocolate baked goods

There is nothing better than chocolate for quench a sweet craving. Nutrition specialists recommend eating baked goods with pur chocolateor, as is the case of cookies, brownies, muffins or one slice of cake. The only rule is watch the ingredients and opt for healthier versions possible, the good news is that today we have at hand all kinds of products that fit perfectly. Opt for desserts made with gluten-free flours such as almond or oatmeal, with healthy fats and especially that contain real dark chocolate, that is, it must contain between the 70-90% cocoa (This significantly reduces their contribution in sugar and fats). The best thing about these desserts is that they are delicious and satisfying enough, so eat a small portion It is more than enough. At the same time they are a good ally for lift your spirits.

Healthy brownies. / Photo: Pixabay

2. Artisanal ice cream and snow

Of course, ice cream belongs on the list of favorite and most delicious desserts that exist. For years it has had the false belief about its health effects, especially since there are some versions rich in Saturated fats and generally with many calories. However, today we have all kinds of vegan options which are made with vegetable and cream-free milks, with 100% natural and healthy ingredients, as is the case of the fruits, nuts, vanilla, cocoa and even spices. It has also become very fashionable to prepare homemade ice cream and snow, it is a great alternative since we omitted the use of sugars, syrups and all kinds of preservatives.

5 foods nutritionists eat for dessert
Strawberry ice cream./ Photo: Pixabay

3. Custard

Custard is a dairy dessert very popular in the Spanish gastronomy, which are made with milk, egg yolks, sugar and vanilla. They are creamy and light, a great summer dessert. The good news is that you can create sugar-free and high-protein versions, at the same time they are highly versatile and you can integrate your ingredients delicious and different, such as lemon or orange zest, cinnamon, vanilla, or chocolate. they are very easy and simple to prepare. Have them very cold in the refrigerator it will always be a treat.

5 foods nutritionists eat for dessert
Vanilla custard./Photo: Pixabay

4. Jellies

Lighter and refreshing impossible. They are a wonderful dessert option especially for after heavy meals and also a good alternative to give you a sweet taste during the week. Best of all, you can prepare all kinds of versions from the most light and without any sugar, even some with a sweet tooth are made with milk or yogurt and ingredients such as cajeta, chocolate, walnut or vanilla. At the same time they are very rich in collagen and its consumption is related to benefits for strengthen bones, hair, nails and teeth, it is also a highly digestive food.

5 foods nutritionists eat for dessert
Jelly. / Photo: PxHere

5. Oatmeal cookies

In recent months derived from the coronavirus pandemic, to bake it has become the consented activities of many, in fact it is related to therapeutic benefits. The Oatmeal Cookies they are the perfect ally for healthy satiation of sweet cravings, they are full of energy and nutrition. There are all kinds of healthy recipes in which it is common to add nuts, seeds, spices and fruit. At the same time preparing them at home helps us to have absolute control over ingredients We use and replace the typical ones with more nutritious and low calorie alternatives.

Oatmeal and coconut cookies.
Oatmeal and coconut cookies. / Photo: Pixabay


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