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5 foods that cause bad breath


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Bad breath is a painful condition that is often directly related to food

Probably the bad breath It is one of the most shameful conditions that exist and in many occasions those who suffer from it they are the last to know. However it is important to know that there are many factors that are related to its appearance, the truth is that it can be a occasional situation or also be part of a chronic problem with other connotations.

Bad breath It is also known as halitosis and according to data revealed by Spanish Society for Periodontology and Osseointegration (SEPA), 30% of the adult population at some point in their life has suffered from bad breath. There is a belief that focuses on intestinal tract health as the main cause, that is why many attribute the problem to digestive and liver conditions. Also various dental health specialists point out that the most frequent reason for bad breath It is located directly in the mouth, that is, it is due to the presence of a series of bacteria in the oral cavity specifically on the back of the tongue.

Bad breath occurs due to the appearance of gases called volatile sulfur compounds in the oral cavity and it is proven that they are derived from a poor oral health. And also an important cause is related to bad habits as is the case of smoking, alcoholism and also one of the main causes lies in food. Just as there are foods that are a good ally to improve halitosis, there are others that aggravate it.

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Table of Contents

1. Garlic and onion

Garlic and onion without a doubt they are the first and most popular on the list. They belong to the family of allium vegetables to which foods such as leek, pore and chives. What happens with this group of vegetables is that despite their extraordinary health benefits, they are characterized by being podors with a strong aroma and release sulfates that cause bad breath. This is due to its content in sulfur atoms that bind to carbon atoms, which are associated with bad smells. On the other hand, there is information that indicates that meals rich in sulfur, can serve as food for the bacteria that inhabit the oral cavity.

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Garlic. / Photo: Shutterstock

2. Products of animal origin

One of the main recommendations for combat bad breath is to monitor the consumption of those foods that are of animal origin, as is the case of red meats, fish, eggs, dairy and other types of meats. This is mainly due to its high fat content, which can lead to digestive problems like gastritis and reflux that are related to bad breath. On the other hand, foods of animal origin stand out for their high amino acid content that contain sulfur, cysteine ​​and melatonin.

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5 foods that cause bad breath
Ribs. / Photo: Shutterstock

3. Cruciferous vegetables

This type of vegetable is a great nutritional ally and in fact its consumption is associated with great health benefits. However they are not the best ally of the alientor, this is due to their glucosinolate content that this is a sulfur rich compound and that is directly related to bad breath. Once they are digested, sulfur is released into the blood and generates a Bad smell, which is released through the lungs and saliva.

Cruciferous vegetables. / Photo: Pexels

4. Coffee

We all enjoy ua good cup of coffee to fill us with energy in the morning, the truth is that when we we exceed in caffeine increases the risk of have bad breath. This is because coffee tends to cause dehydration and this is a very favorable environment for spread of bacteria causing the bad smell, it also influences the decrease in saliva production. A good tip is to always accompany your coffee with a large glass of water.

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Coffee. / Photo: Pixabay

5. Canned tuna

Canned tuna It’s one of the more basic pantry products and used in the kitchen of many homes. However, it is a product that emits a strong odor which stays for a long time in the oral cavity. What happens to the Seafood fish and especially those that come canned is that rust in the mouth and produce in Bad smell. A good recommendation is a proper oral hygiene after consuming them or chewing some fresh mint leaves.

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Tuna in ñata / Photo: Shutterstock



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