5 great reasons to drink kombucha tea, backed by science

5 grandes razones para beber té de kombucha, avaladas por la ciencia

Kombucha tea is in fashion, it is an ancient drink with great medicinal and probiotic power with great health benefits

Today we have all kinds of nutrition trends, which focus on create habits and practices that bring us closer to a healthier lifestyle. Based on this, there are foods that are the perfect ally for boost weight loss and above all that they are distinguished by their unmatched medicinal benefits.

In the last months has attracted special attention the kombucha and its consumption has been considered part important tool in various streams of natural medicine, herbal medicine and herbal medicine. Beyond being fashionable, kombucha is an ancient drink that is consumed thousands of years ago. Is a fermented tea which is not only associated with great healing benefits and it is also a drink rich in beneficial probiotics for the body.

Another of its great values ​​is in its antioxidant power, which is associated with qualities for kill harmful bacteria and fight various diseases. This is due to its immense ability to strengthen defenses and the microbiota.

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Kombucha benefits, backed by science:

1. Powerful source of probiotics

Without a doubt, kombucha is one of the fermented foods most valued for their content in probiotics. This is because it is a drink that is made by adding strains specific to bacteria, yeast and sugar to black or green teae, and then allow its fermentation for a week or more. What happens in the process is that the bacteria and yeast form a layer on the liquid surface (similar to a mushroom) and that is why many also popularly call it “Mushroom tea.” During fermentation, acetic and lactic acid, which are related to their probiotic properties that enhance health. They are a healthy food for beneficial gut bacteria, which is related to great benefits for improve digestion and combat the most popular conditions, such as gastritis, colitis, gas and inflammation.

2. Great antioxidant

Lately there is a lot of talk about antioxidants and its great health benefits. Among the main ones, its effect stands out for fight free radicals, harmful substances that are related to the appearance of numerous degenerative diseases and premature aging. This content in bioactive compounds and antioxidants makes the consumption of kombucha a popular remedy for purify the liver of toxins in such a way that it benefits its operation and is related to great hepaprotective properties. This antioxidant power also gives it magnificent benefits to reduce the risk of suffering from certain types of cancer.

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3. Against bacteria

One of the great benefits of kombucha is its antibacterial power. As we mentioned previously, during the fermentation process a substance called acetic acid and polyphenols, which are related to benefits for remove from the body to a long list of microorganisms that are agents harmful to health and that they are responsible for various diseases and infections.

4. Improves cardiovascular health

The heart conditions are the main cause of death in the world and in many occasions they are derived from a poor lifestyle and diet. Drinking kombucha regularly is a great ally in the heart disease prevention, this is because its bioactive compounds have the ability to regulate cholesterol levels in the blood. Protects cholesterol particles from oxidation and improve markers: eliminates bad cholesterol “LDL” and increases good “HDL.”

5. Good ally against diabetes

Another of the most worrying health issues today is diabetes, considered a chronic disease with serious health consequences. Today it affects more than 300 million people in the world and is characterized by high levels of glucose in the blood or a resistance to insulin. It is proven that kombucha has the great capacity to slow down the digestion of carbohydrates and this causes blood sugar levels to be regulated. It is also associated with benefits to improve the liver and kidney function.

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