5 herbs, spices and drinks that are natural diuretics

5 herbs, spices and drinks that are natural diuretics

Diuretics help remove salt (sodium) and water from the body. Doctors prescribe them when the body retains too much fluid.

They are often used to help treat high blood pressure. They are also used in cases of heart failure, inflamed tissues (swelling), and kidney disease.

Some foods and beverages are considered “natural diuretics” Before increasing your intake you should consult a doctor.


It is an herb that has been used as a diuretic for many years, mainly in tea. A study 2014 with male volunteers found that the ponytail was so effective As the diuretic medication hydrochlorothiazide, without causing significant changes in the removal of electrolytes.


Dandelion is a plant with yellow flowers that is consumed from the root to the petals in different preparations such as teas and salads. The Chinese traditional medicine He has used it as a diuretic.

Research has found that one of the plant compounds improves kidney activity and increases the frequency of urination.


Parsley has long been used in teas as a home remedy for diuretic effects.

Studies in rats have shown that parsley extract can increase urine flow and exert a mild diuretic effect.


The hawthorn leaves, berries, and flowers are used to make medicines. It is used for diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Some studies reveal that plant components increase the excretion and urinary flow.


Caffeine can have an effect on a mild short-term diuretic. In addition to coffee, you can find caffeine in other drinks like black tea and green tea.

People who regularly drink caffeinated beverages can develop a tolerance to caffeine and they will not experience diuretic effects.

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