5 home remedies for bee sting

5 home remedies for bee sting

Bee stings are common at certain times of the year
Bee stings are common at certain times of the year | DeFodi Images / Getty Images

Bee stings cause discomfort and also a lot of fear. However, the important thing is to always stay calm and treat the affected area with great care.

For this reason, below we give you a list of five home remedies so that you can heal your skin in a natural way.

When you perceive that a bee has stung you, the important thing is that you remove the stinger, since you should not leave traces of the insect on your skin. You can do it with a previously disinfected tweezers or with clean fingers. It probably won’t hurt, so don’t worry.

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To avoid any infection, it is important that after removing the stinger you clean your skin with great patience. A good option is to wash it with cold water and white soap, then apply an unscented moisturizer to soften it.

It is undeniable that the bee sting hurts and possibly causes swelling. That is why you can choose to apply ice (since it will generate the opposite effect to the congestion that your skin has), for a few seconds avoiding burning yourself. You can wrap them in a towel or cloth.

Another effective way to relieve pain is toothpaste, as it contains cleansing and restorative properties. Place it on the bite and allow it to be absorbed into the skin, repeating the process two or three times a day.

This food is not only used for cooking, since thanks to its large amount of vitamins, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, it will be an analgesic for the skin, after a bite. Peel one and let it cool and then cut it into slices and place some on the affected area (depending on the size).

These options are natural and easy to obtain, so you can put them into practice and see the result they have. However, remember that it is important to consult a doctor, since in case of being allergic to bees, you will need a specific treatment.

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