5 home remedies for knee pain

5 home remedies for knee pain

Knee pain affects people of all ages
Knee pain affects people of all ages | ISABELLA BONOTTO / Getty Images

Knee pain is much more frequent than we think and affects people of all ages. Among its main causes are injuries, torn ligaments or even diseases such as arthritis.

But the important thing when dealing with this problem is knowing that if the pain is mild, you can use various home remedies to lessen it. So below we give you a list with five natural options.

This plant has the ability to act as a pain reliever thanks to its composition of ursolic acid. For this, you can prepare an infusion of rosemary by placing some leaves in boiling water and letting it rest for 15 minutes. Then take the drink. You can do this up to twice a day.

This technique will not only help improve blood circulation, but will also help prevent knee friction, which contributes to increasing or intensifying pain. If you adopt this custom you will see how throughout the days you will not be able to sleep otherwise.

Choosing which type of compress you will apply will depend on how you feel your knees: if you touch them and they are hot, then you should choose the cold option and if they are cold and rigid, choose to give them heat. You can assemble them yourself with fabrics or buy them at the pharmacy.

Spending 10 minutes a day massaging the affected area will help release the muscles and improve blood irrigation in the knees, which will help decrease inflammation and pain. You can ask someone to do it for you or even do it yourself and if you include a mint cream the result will be even better.

Wearing heavy and uncomfortable shoes will make your knees have to work twice as hard and that will generate a lot of pain at the end of the day. So it is important that you choose healthy options (if they are better sneakers). If you must wear high heels for your work, take care of buying a good brand as this will give you the guarantee that the last will be adaptable and of quality.

If you put these tips into practice, you can reduce knee pain, as long as you are constant. But remember that it is important to opt for a consultation with a health professional to carry out studies and indicate a specific treatment.

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