5 home remedies to cure constipation

5 home remedies to cure constipation

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Millions of people around the world suffer from constipation | Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

Constipation is defined as a type of constipation that “may have causes that are not due to an underlying disease” and among its most common symptoms are the sensation of obstruction in the rectum, irritation and abdominal swelling.

Although it is usually a fairly common condition, it is very uncomfortable and the ideal is to try to eliminate it. So here is a list of five home remedies to help you feel better quickly.

Being dehydrated can lead to constipation. In addition, one of the main reasons for this condition has to do with the lack of fluid in the area of ​​the intestines, so it is very important that you consume water (if possible mineral or filtered) daily. In case you already do, increase the quantity.

Fiber is essential to end constipation because it will increase the amount of stool that we must eliminate. Some foods that you can include in your diet are lentils, seeds, nuts, oats, fruits and vegetables.

It is known that coffee, like oranges, increases the need to go to the bathroom, in addition to improving the bacterial level of the intestine, preventing its alteration. So if you are one of the lovers of this drink, opt for a decaffeinated option and take it daily.

A recent study showed that people who do sports or some type of exercise have managed to reduce the symptoms of constipation. If you are already doing physical activity, you are on the right track, but if you have not started yet, it is time to put your body in motion and feel better.

Many products currently on the market are made from this fruit and the main reason is that it contains sorbitol, an ingredient that works as a relaxant and laxative. But since the natural is always better, try consuming plums daily and see if it produces the desired effect on your body.

If you try these options, you will surely achieve good results after a few days. However, it is important that if you continue to suffer from constipation, consult a health professional, so that she can indicate a specific treatment.

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