5 home remedies to cure cough with phlegm

5 home remedies to cure cough with phlegm

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Cough affects adults and children mainly in winter times | Sam Mooy / Getty Images

Cough affects both children and adults and many times those who suffer from it can shed mucus, also called phlegm.

Currently, there are many syrups on the market that help eliminate it, but there are also natural options that will be very useful. So below is a list of five home remedies that can help you feel better.

Honey is the most important ingredient, since it has proteins and amino acids that will serve to lubricate the throat. To prepare this rich tea you must choose the herbs that you like the most and melt them in water, then add two tablespoons of honey to the liquid. Take it at medium temperature.

This plant has anti-inflammatory properties and as time goes by it is increasingly used to take care of our health. The best way to take advantage of its benefits is through a tea-like drink, for which you should put a little ginger in a cup with hot water. You can add lemon to give it more flavor and take it twice a day.

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Being in a steamy environment will help eliminate phlegm and gradually release the area from the airways. You have several ways to do this: by closing your bathroom door and letting the hot water in the shower create that steam, or by placing boiling water in a pot and sucking it directly.

The best way to eliminate the cough is to keep the airways lubricated and for that you should drink a lot of liquid (preferably mineral or purified water). You can also choose to consume natural fruit juices that are not too cold.

This home remedy is the most useful to relieve sore throat and phlegm, since salt reduces annoying cough residue. To make this mouthwash, place a tablespoon in a cup of warm water and gargle for at least five minutes. Remember that this works only if you are an adult, since it is not recommended to apply it to children.

These options are natural, so they will not generate any harm to your health. So do not hesitate to try them and also to consult your doctor if you have any questions.

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