5 home remedies to cure hiccups

5 home remedies to cure hiccups

Hiccups are very common and there is no specific treatment to eliminate them | Three Lions / Getty Images

Hiccups are defined as a series of “involuntary contractions of the diaphragm, the muscle that separates the chest from the abdomen and that has an important role in breathing” and so far there is no known medical treatment to eliminate it.

However, there are several useful home remedy options, and here is a list of five strategies that will help you end this discomfort.

This technique is the oldest and most efficient, since it cancels the spasms caused by hiccups. If you cover your nose, hold your breath as long as possible, and repeat the routine two or three times, it is very likely that you will eliminate it.

This will cause various muscles in the chest to activate. Try to make the water you consume very cold and do it in one gulp, so the impact is stronger in the body. If you have tooth sensitivity or can’t stand the liquid at such low temperatures, explore the other options.

This option will be useful to put pressure on the diaphragm and thus eliminate hiccups. The way to do it is simple: just bend down or lean forward and allow the necessary push to be exerted.

Like water, ice will serve to set nerves in the chest in motion. So the best thing to do is grab your phone or turn on the TV and be distracted while letting a small cube melt in your mouth. You don’t need to bite or break it.

This technique will work, since its flavor is so strong that it impacts the body and generates the same thing that you feel when, for example, they give you a scare. So if you want to eliminate the hiccups, it is time to cut a slice of this fruit and absorb its juice.

If you put these easy techniques to the test and with elements that you surely have in your home, you will quickly eliminate hiccups and feel better.

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