5 home remedies to heal a sore nose

5 home remedies to heal a sore nose

The irritation in the nose is accentuated in the presence of allergies
The irritation in the nose is accentuated in the presence of allergies

Nose irritation is a frequent complaint that has its origins in allergies or even very cold weather, as the skin becomes dry and cracked.

If you are one of the people who suffers from irritation every year, here is a list of five home remedies that will help you eliminate it.

Sometimes the main reason for irritation is the type of scarf we use to blow our noses. So to avoid damaging the skin, try not to opt for fabric or scented ones, and instead choose toilet paper or disposable items made of organic and soft material.

To avoid dryness it is important to always have hydrated skin. For this, apply natural oils (coconut or rose) or unscented creams to the external part of the nose at least twice a day and with that you will maintain the necessary lubrication.

If you have a stuffy nose, you will probably be touching it for a long time to try to improve your condition. Therefore, to uncover it and relieve the nostrils it is necessary that the environment you are in is humid. You can do this thanks to a humidifier or even letting steam from boiling water (which you can prepare in a pot) flood your room.

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Nasal irritation The appearance of discomfort, burning, redness, sometimes itching, others, pain when rubbing your nose is indicative that you have it irritated. This is associated with colds and allergies. The nose becomes red, dry and flaking, becoming cracked causing an aesthetic problem. It appears frequently when the person suffers from allergies, sinusitis, friction and small wounds. Just like dehydration, heating or air conditioning, weather, pollution, or tobacco can cause this uncomfortable discomfort. It is important that you keep your immune system strengthened, do not use paper tissues if you have a runny nose, fabric ones are better to avoid irritation, they are softer and do not harm the skin. Hdratate inside and out. Another measure to avoid a sore nose is to use warm water and a mild soap to wash it off, pat it dry, use humidifiers or steam baths, don’t touch that area, hydrate yourself inside and out. . . . #Otorrino # ENT

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The first thing that is usually done when shells appear on the nose is to try to remove them with your hands and that is counterproductive for two reasons: one is that you prevent the skin from regenerating and on the other hand you run the risk of becoming infected by the enormous amount of bacteria that are under the nails. So avoid doing this and choose to moisturize the affected area.

The properties of cucumber are known to everyone. And in the case of skin irritation it can help calm it quickly thanks to the varied amount of vitamins it has. To make the most of this remedy, you can prepare an infusion with cucumber and water and place the liquid on the affected area, without rinsing. Repeat the process as many times as you want.

If you put these easy-to-prepare home remedies to the test, you’ll quickly get rid of nose irritation. However, if you see that the wounds that are getting worse or bleeding, it is important that you consult a doctor so that she can indicate the corresponding treatment.

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