5 home remedies to lose weight in 3 days

5 home remedies to lose weight in 3 days

Avocado Industry In Colombia
Avocado is the main ingredient that will help you lose weight | Jan Sochor / Getty Images

Many people around the world want to lose weight and some think that the ideal is to do it in the shortest possible time.

Although miracles do not exist, here is a list of the main axes of the diet called “Military”, thanks to which you can lose a few kilos in a few days.

This option is high in fiber and low in fat. If you accompany it with avocado, sugar-free jam or olive oil you can give it even more flavor, in addition you should also include liquid (such as tea or coffee) and complete your breakfast even more.

Include it in your lunch, along with a delicious salad or toast. This variant of the fish improves cardiovascular function, skin and memory. It is also ideal when you intend to lose weight, since it contains lean proteins and is very low in fat.

The best options for dinner are chicken and fish. Remove the fat and accompany it with salads seasoned with olive oil and lemon. Avoid salt and artificial dressings. Whenever you want to lose weight it is preferable to avoid red meat, since they have a high content of fats that are counterproductive for your objective.

Everyone knows that the egg is rich in protein and very healthy. That’s why you should make the most of the variety of foods you can prepare with this food and always prioritize the white instead of the yolk (because it has less fat). Go ahead and enjoy delicious healthy pancakes and omelets while you follow your diet.

By mid-afternoon hunger always comes and when this happens avoid consuming sweet cookies (much less if they are industrialized) and choose to eat one or two bananas. You can accompany these with peanut butter or honey and thus you can satisfy hunger in the healthiest way.

If you put these tips into practice you can lose weight in a few days. However, remember that it is essential to accompany any diet with physical activity and perseverance to achieve better results.

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