5 home remedies to treat postoperative pain

5 home remedies to treat postoperative pain

Thanks to the advancement of medicine, operations today are performed under anesthesia, but once its effect wears off, people experience profound discomfort that is treated with medication.

However, there are some tips and home remedies that can help you feel better and spend this time in the best way.

It is a good way to decrease inflammation or prevent it. Get a prepared compress or wrap some ice with a previously washed towel and place it on the intervened area, letting it rest for as long as you can and then remove it. Repeat the process daily.

Whenever you can, try to perform at least a few movements daily after the operation, as this will prevent your muscles from atrophying and you will also be able to gradually eliminate the pain. By getting out of bed and walking to the kitchen of your house, you will already be doing a great job.

This technique will make your tissues relax, decompress and soften. The important thing here is that you avoid performing them with great force, but rather gently and repeat the sequence daily. You can also ask someone you trust to help you with this.

Although it does not have a direct physical effect, this practice will give you calm and mental stability, which will undoubtedly affect the pain you feel. On YouTube, you find short and long options, and adapted to the level you have.

Many times focusing attention on something other than the pain can be helpful in this context. Find an activity that you like and try to do it at least once a day as this will also stimulate the release of hormones related to pleasure, which inhibit discomfort.

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