5 major breakthroughs expected for the next iPhone update

iOS 15 et iPhone

The next version of iOS 16 should be announced next Monday, June 6, during a keynote. The presentation will open the WWDC, this annual event dedicated to developers, during which they will be able to discover the next features of the new OS headed. Precisely, concerning the mobile OS and its next iteration, some rumors have so far reported new features that would be on the menu next fall.

So let’s see what to expect with iOS 16 and other derivative systems (iPadOS 16, tvOS 16 and watchOS 9).

What’s new for iOS 16?

According to the latest information from analysts and specialists with sources close to the Californian, iOS 16 should be a less innovative update than iOS 15, which last year brought a lot of new features. There would still be major changes to get your teeth into, such as the following:

  • Apple Classic: Apple could unveil a new service, or in any case a new dedicated streaming application allowing you to find a whole catalog of classical music
  • Health : new features for sleep tracking, but also medication tracking, as well as menstrual cycle tracking (according to Mark Gurman). Finally, it could be that the iPhone supports a new fall detection function
  • Accessibility: support for eye tracking accessories for using an iPad, improved support for hearing aids and integration of audiograms in Health, new voice control options allowing the use of short sounds to control your iPhone or iPad, the text size and brightness can be set differently in each app
  • Shortcuts: new shortcuts for the Shortcuts app giving access to data from the Health app
  • Door detection: door detection with calculation of distances to the door
  • Live transcription of audio: new feature to capture the audio heard by an iPhone, iPad or Mac and transcribe it in writing, in real time. This function should be reserved for the USA and Canada at first.
  • Background sounds: contribution of new sounds to aid concentration and relaxation
  • Focus Modes: significant improvements to these iPhone and iPad customization modes
  • Private Relay: the Private Relay functionality should benefit from significant improvements, in particular the possibility of anonymizing traffic in applications (at this stage, only web traffic is anonymized by Private Relay)
  • Apple Apps: it is also rumored that several of the native Apple applications could experience major changes with iOS 16
  • Memoji: new customization options for Apple Memoji, including cochlear implants, oxygen tube and protective helmet
  • watch OS 9: important new features are to be expected, according to Mark Gurman (Blooomberg), including AssistiveTouch, which allows users with motor difficulties to control their watch without even having to touch the screen
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  • iPadOS 16: multitasking improvements on tablets

other ideas

Some designers have already gone there with their proposals for iOS 16. This is for example the case of the Hacker 34. Here is what he hopes for the next major mobile OS from Apple:

Which devices, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch will support the new OS?

We have seen in our columns which devices should be able to update to iOS or iPadOS 16. On the iPhone side, as seen there, the 6s and SE models should be set aside. In the iPad family, for the first time, Pro models may not support the update. For the Apple Watch, the Series 3 model would be too old for watchOS 9, as detailed here.

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